What is the correct spelling for JAN1?

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Correct spellings for JAN1

  • an It would be an hour, would it not, Giacopo?" du sitzt allein zuhaus, niemand ruft bei dir an und du fragst dich immer wieder, wie es dazu kommen kann – No Future (ohne Neue Haarfrisur) by Aerzte, Die
  • ban It has been denied that dum-dum bullets, placed under ban by all civilized nations, have been used by the Germans, but there is no doubt that explosive bullets have been used. From trust to doubt; from doubt to brink of ban;-- Thus much of change in one swift cycle ran – LXVI The Heart Of The Night by Dante Gabriel Rossetti
  • can Where can the Rebbe be? Uncoil thee from the waking man! Do I hold the Past Thus firm and fast Yet doubt if the Future hold I can? – Never The Time And The Place by Robert Browning
  • fan There were stately turkeys with long necks and great fan -like tails. You will like my plan, my sweetest fan, My leading man – Where You Are by Unknown Author
  • han I remember once I came in a boat out of the caves of Han after two hours in the darkness, and there was the common daylight that is nothing wonderful at all, and its brightness ahead there seemed like trumpets and cheering, like waving flags and like the sunrise.
  • jab He staggered back just as Mars followed with a left jab to the belly.
  • jag Then Oscar would walk out and hunt up one of those places that Carrie Nation missed in the shuffle and there, with one arm glued tight around the bar rail, he would fasten his system to a jag which would last for a week.
  • jain A famous Jain temple is located at Sultan Bathery ,earlier known as kidaganad town of Kerala.
  • jam Then fetch me some jam and a book-to-morrow.
  • jan "We won't mind," Jan said swiftly.
  • jar I noticed it to-day when I was thinking about stealing the jar myself!"
  • jaw Mr. Frog faltered, as his jaw dropped.
  • jay Besides, he had talked of little else but Jay since he rejoined his Family two days before.
  • jean But, as Jean Baptiste said, the Sectional Committee know about Pierre.
  • lan Near Edinburgh was a young child born, With a Hey lilli lu, and a how lo lan ! And his name it was called young Hynd Horn, And the birk and the broom bloom bonnie.
  • man A man with a soul!
  • nan "Get in," he said, "an' I'll give you a bit of a ride," and Nan , speechless with joy, climbed in and was driven to the stable, and once there, watched the unharnessing and received some stray oranges as she finally turned away.
  • pan Now Red Chief was a heavy rooster and the pan was not very firm.
  • tan Can't you see them coming up the tan -bark walk?
  • van Your description gives me a vivid idea of Mrs. Van Brandt."
  • wan An expression of surprise stole over the child's wan face.
  • Dan "Well, I wish you good luck," said Oliver; "and here comes Captain Dan , so I'll bid you good-morning."
  • Jane Something came up about Boston, and Aunt Jane asked me a question.
  • Kan One grate reazon whi every boddy likes the falls ov Niagara so mutch iz, bekauze no one kan make one like it.
  • Ran He ran his hands along the big brute's back.
  • Ian But, Ian , there must have been some reason for your father's remarkable conviction?
  • Jon Jon preserved silence, hoping against hope that she might be thinking it swift.
  • Juan And this was the truth; the persons approaching, of whom there were eight, surrounded the unknown cavalier, with whom they exchanged a few words, but in so low a tone that Don Juan could not hear the purport.
  • Jana Boomerang (Italy) Boomerang (Latin America) Boomerang (Dutch TV channel) Boomerang (Nordic) Boomerang (Angola and Mozambique) Boomerang (Southeast Asia) Boomerang (South Korea) Boomerang (Thailand) Boomerang (Turkey) Boomerang (UK & Ireland) Boomerang (TV series), an Australian television series from 1961 to 1962 Boomerang, a Seattle-area kids TV show hosted by Marni Nixon Films The Boomerang (1919 film), a 1919 American drama film, directed by Bertram Bracken Boomerang (1934 film), British drama film directed by Arthur Maude Boomerang (1947 film), by Elia Kazan Boomerang (1966 film), film about Polish-German love after World War II (also known as Bumerang), starring Tony Ferrer Boomerang (1976 film), French-Italian crime film Boomerang (1992 film), film starring Eddie Murphy Boomerang (2001 film), Serbian film Boomerang (2013 film), American tv film starring Felicity Huffman Boomerang (2015 film), French film Boomerang (2018 film), Tamil film Albums Boomerang (soundtrack), a soundtrack album from the 1992 film Boomerang (The Creatures album), 1989 Boomerang (Daara J album), 2003 Boomerang (Hanson album), 2005 Boomerang (Mad at the World album), 1991 Boomerang (Stacey Q album), 1997 Songs "Boomerang" (Lali Espósito song), 2016 Bang en boomerang, 1975 Svenne & Lotta song "Boomerang" (Barenaked Ladies song), 2013 "Boomerang" (DJ Felli Fel song), 2011 "Boomerang" (JoJo Siwa song), 2016 "Boomerang" (Nicole Scherzinger song), 2013 "Boomerang" (Tenjo Chiki song), 2006 "Boomerang" (Wanna One song), 2018 "Boomerang", by Jana Kramer from Thirty One "Boomerang", by Kiss from Hot in the Shade "Boomerang", by Kix from Blow My Fuse "Boomerang", by Plain White Ts from Wonders of the Younger "Boomerang", by Big Pun from Capital Punishment "Boomerang", a 2014 song by Pigeon John Comics Boomerang (comics), a Marvel Comics supervillain Captain Boomerang, a DC Comics supervillain and enemy of the Flash Other Boomerang (radio show), a short lived BBC Radio 4 series Boomerang!
  • Joan His silence frightened Joan .
  • San One morning at sunrise, I crossed the ancient bridge of Alcantara, and climbed the steep hill east of the river to the ruined castle of San Cervantes, perched on a high, bold rock, which guards the river and overlooks the valley.
  • Jun Har. Jun . No, you are loved, and I am bid despair.
  • JPN According to Kūkai, esoteric Buddhism has the Dharmakaya (Jpn: hosshin, embodiment of truth) as its source, which is associated with Vairocana Buddha (Dainichi).

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