What is the correct spelling for JAQUES?

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Correct spellings for JAQUES

  • aqueous Its anterior face is bathed by the aqueous humor.
  • cause Should Betty Ballard be called to the stand that day he felt his cause would be lost.
  • jacks The air is fresh and autumnal, and overhead a northerly breeze blows wisps of white cloud across a bright blue sky, and just floats out the French Tricolours and the Union Jacks with which the street is decorated.
  • james Thank you, James Quirke.
  • janus With him it ran even to the Red Sea shore; With him it placed the world in so great peace, That unto Janus was his temple closed.
  • jaws She gave him her hand, and a dull glow came into his gray jaws as he took it.
  • judges The centre-pieces for the most part represent the different judges before whom the trials are heard, the side-pieces the messengers and parties to the suit.
  • Jacques Now, if Jean-Jacques was to Bernardin de Saint-Pierre what Nietzsche is to Maeterlinck, it would not be difficult to prove that Maeterlinck appeals to Nietzscheans, and that his teaching has points of contact with that of Nietzsche.
  • Jake Maybe Jake can drive you.
  • Jules M. Jules-Bois explained that the awakening of the higher consciousness was not to be confused with Coueism or hypnotism.
  • Marques We reached Lourenco Marques in due course.
  • Cues What, a didn't I give ee all your pees and cues?
  • Macaques
  • gauges Check your mass gauges, Captain.
  • piques I would not be understood in this, or any thing else, to endeavour to lessen the Opinion the People have generally and justly of the Spectator's Perfections: I verily believe, there is no Production of the Mind, ancient or modern, where are to be found more Wit, Politeness, fine Raillery, good Sense, Learning, and Eloquence; but what I have said, is to shew, that great Wits as well as little have their Passions, their Piques and Prejudices, when the least Blemish is discovered in their Glory.
  • jades For their part they had no clothing on that was worth a straw, except some soiled and filthy shirts: and their feet and hands were bound with cords, as they came riding upon four limping jades, which were weak, and thin, and miserable.
  • jars When I was thoroughly warm and comforted I took the lanthorn and went aft to the steward's room, and brought thence a cheese, a ham, some biscuit, and one of the jars of spirits, all which I carried to the cook-room, and placed the whole of them in the oven.
  • quakes You men of business, who know so well what a good, hearty "go ahead," coupled with a frank, merry face, will do in your own case-give encouragement to the young beginner, who starts nervously at the bottom of the race, and who, though he may put a bold outside on, quakes at the center of his being with the dread that among so many competitors he shall always be left in the rear.
  • jays Occasionally we had a haunch of venison, and Doctor Cabot added to our larder several kinds of ducks, wild turkeys, chachalachas, quails, pigeons, doves, parrots, jays, and other smaller birds.
  • jaguars Less agreeable, I admit, was the knowledge that these vast solitudes were peopled with jaguars and other ferocious beasts.
  • cages "You must be very courageous," said Pen, who did not know that the wild beasts were confined in cages.
  • jokes "That's a good one on Billy who is all the time getting off jokes on other folks," said Percival.
  • JAGS Yet, truly it had been a wondrous suit of strength that had kept my life within me when that I had been so deadly beset; and I to know that it to be yet like to save both our lives, if that we could someway straighten it, and ease the broken jags from wounding me afresh.
  • QUES In the meantime a man at Lourenco Marques who was in Herbert Rhodes's confidence dispatched a swift runner ahead to warn Rhodes of his danger.
  • jazzes
  • Junes Latin, Greek, the old literatures, I was perfect master of; all history was merely a light repast to me; mathematics I glanced at, and it disappeared; in the clouds of modern philosophy I was wrapped but not obscured; over the field of light literature I familiarly roamed as the honey-bee over the wide fields of clover which blossom white in the Junes of this world!
  • toques Upon their heads they wore caps, such as in the jargon of fashion are called toques, and their faces were enveloped in yashmaks, white veils which cross the forehead above the eyes and are brought back just below them, so as to cover the rest of the face.
  • cadges
  • tuques
  • cakes Pulling continuously along the ice for eight miles, and when the leads closed at times, jumping on cakes and pulling the boat after us, we were finally forced to seek a shelter on the ice-field.
  • japes Nay, nay, said Merlin, these be but japes to that he shall do; for he shall prove a noble knight of prowess, as good as any is living, and gentle and courteous, and of good tatches, and passing true of his promise, and never shall outrage.
  • claques Claques were arranged if the public were obtuse.
  • aquas They cannot, I think, with any propriety, be called, as they are by Mr. Ray, 'circa aquas versantes'; for with us, by day at least, they haunt only the most dry, open, upland fields and sheep walks, far removed from water.
  • acquirings
  • acquittances
  • bastilles
  • collectaneas
  • dis-quietude
  • disaaranging
  • disimproving
  • disinfections
  • ex-probation
  • interwinded
  • jointlier
  • quotums