What is the correct spelling for JAX?

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Correct spellings for JAX

  • ax That's what been a runnin' thoo my min', w'en I set up in the pulpit an' sleep under the Wo'd; but I want to ax you, was I wrong?
  • fax Diplomatic representation in the US: chief of mission: Ambassador Branislav LICHARDUS chancery: (temporary) Suite 250, 2201 Wisconsin Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20007 telephone: [1] (202) 965-5161 FAX: [1] (202) 965-5166
  • jab But when I stepped out of the lock, my eyes stung like fire and a thousand needles seemed to jab at my skin.
  • jag It did seem rather despicable when one thought of it after the jag was off.
  • jam And when he did run down for the opera, he found himself jostled in a worse jam of Isabelle's occupations than before.
  • jan "He's with Jan and the children.
  • jar Dingowan of Nagtangpan took Aponibolinayen and put her inside of a big jar ; then they went to Kadalayapan, because they went to take Aponigawani.
  • jaw Yet his jaw was only set the more rigidly, as he left the office.
  • jay She will deserve the friendship of Mrs. Jay , and the way to obtain hers, is to receive her and treat her without the shadow of etiquette.
  • lax It is true that Henry had stationed an outpost upon the summit of the hill in advance of Lewes, but so lax was discipline in his army that the soldiers, growing tired of the duty, had abandoned the post toward morning, and returned to town, leaving but a single man on watch.
  • sax Strange, Joe said, most sax players sound the same.
  • tax But if one believed in you, as I have done, one paid a tax upon it."
  • wax Very well, we don't grudge wax fruits to any one who likes them.
  • max He had caught the words from Max : ".
  • Ajax He has been called the Ajax of painters, and his great excellence appears in the grandeur of his compositions; the art of colouring was by him carried to the highest pitch.
  • VAX TATP Benchmark: Telecommunication Application Transaction Processing Benchmark TPoX: An XML transaction processing benchmark for XML databases VUP (VAX unit of performance), also called VAX MIPS Whetstone: floating-point arithmetic performance, often reported in millions of Whetstone instructions per second (MWIPS) Microsoft Windows benchmarks BAPCo: MobileMark, SYSmark, WebMark Futuremark: 3DMark, PCMark PiFast SuperPrime Super PI UserBenchmark Whetstone Windows System Assessment Tool, included with Windows Vista and later releases, providing an index for consumers to rate their systems easily Worldbench (discontinued) Others AnTuTu - commonly used on phones and ARM-based devices.