What is the correct spelling for JEASUS?

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Correct spellings for JEASUS

  • cassius "He has with him Caulaincourt, Berthier, and Maret, who would certainly be capable of showing, like Anthony, the blood-stained cloak of Caesar to the people, and of bringing upon us a destiny such as befell Brutus and Cassius .
  • gaseous It is shown that this absorption cannot be attributed to a gaseous atmosphere, since this would have the effect of producing more dark absorption lines in the spectrum.
  • gauss The magnetic observatory was finished in 1834, and in the same year Gauss distributed new instruments, with instructions for their use, in which the celebrated physicist, Wilhelm Weber, took extreme interest, over a large portion of Germany and Sweden, and the whole of Italy.
  • janus To what new Mars shall Janus ope the gates?
  • jaws The lower serpent has its monstrous jaws wide open, and within them is a human head, the face of which is distinctly visible on the stone, and appears faintly in the drawing.
  • jealous The C.O. was jealous of the honour of his men.
  • jesus Yes, sir, the Lord Jesus .
  • pegasus The remaining bright stars of Andromeda are marked b and g, and they are readily identified by producing one side of the Square of Pegasus in a curved direction.
  • sass You an' me sass back, but a real lady knows how to hold her jaw an' make you eat dirt just the same."
  • zeus True kings, in Homer's phrase, are sons of Zeus , and they are shepherds of the people.
  • Gases But if we examine light from a gas under low pressure, as can be done by placing a small quantity of the gas in a glass tube and making it glow by an electric current, we find that it does not emit rays of all colours, but only rays of certain distinct colours which are different for different gases.
  • Jerseys Washington had therefore decided to defend the Jerseys from that position.
  • Jess Not a bit bad, Jess , come to think of it.
  • Jesse I agree with Professor Jesse in regard to the consolidation of schoolhouses in such a way as to give the child in the country the same advantages which the child in the city has.
  • Versus I had a long conversation with General Beauregard, who said he considered the question of ironclads versus forts as settled, especially when the fire from the latter is plunging.
  • Jews Some say that the Jews reckoned part of a day as a whole one.
  • ceases 7. Death is when one ceases to live.
  • eases When the Indians have walked a great distance and are very tired, they have great faith in painting their feet, claiming that paint eases the pain and rests their feet.
  • cases It is only forty days in some cases .
  • teases I ask Robert every time he comes, but he just teases me."
  • causes These people do not think of the agony it causes those who love their children.
  • leases It was their interest; to grant leases , for a superior rent; and it was the tenant's interest to give that rent, for the sake of security: Hence the produce of land is become one of the most advantageous branches of British commerce.
  • jars They had also brought with them several jars of beer from the village, and these were passed round after they had eaten their fill of meat.
  • jays She promised the assistance and sympathy of several brave girls, who would not be afraid of all the jays in college.
  • seas She has a lot of schoolboys who are on a trip to these seas .
  • jests Only the lesser warriors, the slaves and the bearers of the loads moved freely to and fro and from between closed teeth and with fluttering eyelids tossed doubtful jests among themselves.
  • mesas He had come twenty-five miles across the midnight mesas .
  • Seuss
  • jeans And tight blue jeans Drop a dime in the box play the Song about New Orleans Cold beer, hot lights – Scenes from an Italian Restaurant by Unknown Author
  • Jesuits
  • back-matter
  • bloodthirstinesses
  • caressible
  • dis-quietude
  • disaaranging
  • ensphering
  • grumbliest
  • grumes
  • mis-spending

20 words made from the letters JEASUS

  • 3 letter words made from JEASUS:

    ass, sea, sse, sue, sus, usa, use.
  • 4 letter words made from JEASUS:

    ejus, esau, saue, seas, suea, sues, suja, uses.
  • 5 letter words made from JEASUS:

    jasse, jasus, jauss, jesus, sause.