What is the correct spelling for JHAS?

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Correct spellings for JHAS

  • gas As I entered the gas -lit corridor I saw a figure there at the door.
  • hays She could think of nothing but that fateful letter from Hays .
  • hus It brings a great sight of happiness with it, as I've had a chance of knowing, for my hus - The Landlady showed her usual tendency to "break" from the conversational pace just at this point, but managed to rein in the rebellious diaphragm, and resumed her narrative.
  • jaws His jaws were tired.
  • jets 109, and the envelopes and jets rise up toward the sun; but an inspection of Fig.
  • jihad Not a jihad yet?
  • Johns Mr. Johns , you very much forget yourself.
  • judas What have you ever done with your Judas ?"
  • khan Genghis Khan never got there in one piece but sent his legions anyway.
  • lhasa You pay Ram Das to guidee you to Lhasa .
  • Has 7651. Has it ever been done?
  • His The money, of course, was his.
  • Jess Neither the doctor nor Jess moved hand or foot, but their hearts were with their fellow creature, and at length the doctor made a sign to Marget Howe, who had come out in search of Tammas, and now stood by his side.
  • HHS
  • Jonas To Simon Peter He said after they had finished their simple meal, "Simon, son of Jonas , lovest thou me more than these?"
  • Haws The pyracanthus bushes in the hedge yield their clusters of bright yellow berries, mingled with more glowing hues of red from haws and glossy hips.
  • Jews The Jews were coming, everything was to be sold.
  • joys Joys of joys , we bought ourselves as a Christmas present Bell's British Theatre, complete with all the plates!
  • jobs They fell to their several jobs with a will.
  • jars Jars, as was only to be expected, was exceedingly angry, but he believed that his influence with the King and the Queen would ensure his redress.
  • jays He had risen before the daybreak, He had spread o'er all the cornfields Snares to catch the black marauders, And was lying now in ambush In the neighboring grove of pine-trees, Waiting for the crows and blackbirds, Waiting for the jays and ravens.
  • jams In parish, needs; and household arts, A lesson to this glib age; Well versed in pickles, jams , and tarts, Piano, chess, and cribbage.
  • jogs Billy plodded far behind with the packhorse, envy in his heart and discontent with the fate that kept him so far in the rear, compelled to progress at the tamest of jogs .
  • HS
  • JCS
  • HaaS
  • VHS
  • HAGS Out of this he took in succession several smaller hags, each evidently full of money; and having pleased himself with handling and gloating over his treasure, he added the coin which the Caliph had just given him, together with several others, the produce of that day's exertion, to the contents of one of the bags, and then carefully replaced the whole in its hiding-place, and covering the board again with the rags, lay down to sleep.
  • HOS I'm just here to train ho's Put 'em on the main road Teach 'em how to 'Change Clothes' I know you heard of that!! – I ain't heard of that (remix) by slim thug
  • HES
  • JAGS Its windows were shattered to mere jags and spikes and splinters of glass that adhered marvellously to their frames.
  • JABS Twice Val tasted his own blood when one of the enemy's vicious jabs glanced along his face.
  • JIGS "It is a dreadful thing for a girl to do," she said, though her face indicated that she did not think it was so dreadful, after all, and that she enjoyed it; "but when father comes to hear me practise, he insists on hearing the band pieces; and he sometimes calls for jigs, and quadrilles, and waltzes, and imitations of the hand-organ.
  • JOTS The notorious Intercollegian Boat-race of this anno Domini will be obsolete and ex post facto by the time of publication of the present instalment of jots and tittles, still I am sufficiently presumptive to think that the cogitations and personal experiences of a cultivated, thoughtful native gentleman on this coerulean topic may not be found so stale and dry as the remainder of a biscuit.
  • khans Twice he was defeated but on the third of February, 1921, he succeeded in capturing the town and replaced the Living Buddha on the throne of the Khans .
  • jeans I sneak a couple of steers away now an' then, an' with the money I keep our grocery bills paid up, an' have a little to rattle in my jeans .
  • jihads
  • unnoteworthy
  • unstriking
  • acquirings
  • acquittances
  • afterlights
  • afterpart
  • allright
  • amassings
  • dis-agree
  • dis-agreeable
  • dis-quietude
  • disaaranging
  • frondesces
  • monologies

5 words made from the letters JHAS

  • 3 letter words made from JHAS:

    ash, haj, jsh, sha.
  • 4 letter words made from JHAS: