What is the correct spelling for JHEAR?

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Correct spellings for JHEAR

  • afterparts
  • are the edge
  • car "Hasn't been any car along for a week.
  • clear Clear out while you can."
  • Coheir You into portions parted haue the world Euen like coheir's their heritages parte: And now with one accord so many yeares In quiet peace both haue your charges rul'd.
  • gar By Gar, Jean, my friend, I've done you, he said to himself, as, reassured, he went back to the inner room.
  • gear Their boats and gear are all their own.
  • GER The Ger and its associates have fallen from sight; their valley is gone, and we face a scene entirely new.
  • ha "Yes," said I. "Ha!"
  • hag The door was answered by an old hag in a dirty blue-check apron.
  • Hagar When he was about a year old they made a great feast for him, and all brought gifts and good wishes, yet the little lad Ishmael, the son of Hagar, Sarah's servant, mocked at Isaac.
  • hair His gray hair hung short in his neck.
  • haj His eldest son, Haj Besheer, was also a very kind and upright young man.
  • hark But hark ye noo.
  • haw As this little shivering and pathetic figure vanished, the old man drew, with gasp and haw, a number of deep breaths which shook his bent back and did their share, no doubt, in restoring his own disturbed circulation.
  • hay Hay, and I was with Mr. Leask too.
  • he He must go back.
  • hear Let me hear you say that you do before I go."
  • heck As the years went by, sometimes all seemed hopeless and I would ask myself, "What the heck?
  • heir They never had an heir.
  • Her We must do something for her."
  • hew Therefore I say it is a sorrowful business to hew down a temple or tear a lily in pieces.
  • Hey And you knew I wouldn't consent-hey?
  • Jamar
  • jar I have a second jar.
  • jars "One has certainly to put up with a good deal that is unpleasant in this barbarous land-in fact, almost everything in it jars upon one," he complained.
  • jaw Jist take thim an' hit 'im a skite on the jaw wi' thim an' I'll say, 'Amen.
  • jay A tall, dark boy, Jay Hamilton, with long, black hair?"
  • jean There may be, Aunt Jean.
  • jeer He wanted to fool the officers to his heart's content, and then jeer at them afterward.
  • Jeri
  • jew Of that Jew, of course.
  • jihad A jihad launched from the 'Hills' would mean anarchy in the plains.
  • Joe Is mother well, too, Joe?
  • josher It's a good thing to have a Strong Josher come along now and then, just to show you Proud Dolls how to take a Joke.
  • khmer It is interesting to note that the Amwi and Lakadong dialects of Khasi, which are spoken by the people who dwell on the southern slopes of the Jaintia Hills, seem more closely to correspond with the Mon-Khmer forms than even with Khasi.
  • rehear For all through her busy waking life Mary found time to hear whatever good music was going on in London, that she might bring it back to me at night; and we would rehear it together, again and again, and da capo.
  • shear And you'd have to shear off the nerves growing out of the brain.
  • slowing down