What is the correct spelling for JHEAR?

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Correct spellings for JHEAR

  • car My parents went on a road trip and took their car with them.
  • clear It is important to have a clear understanding of the instructions before beginning the task.
  • Coheir Due to her father's will, she became a coheir to his entire estate along with her siblings.
  • gar
  • gear I need to replace the gear in my bike to make it work properly.
  • GER GER, also known as gastroesophageal reflux, can cause discomfort and sometimes even lead to more serious health concerns.
  • ha
  • hag The old hag cackled at the children as they passed by her house.
  • Hagar Hagar was the mother of Ishmael in the biblical story.
  • hair Can you bring me a hair tie so I can put my hair up?
  • haj Many Muslims save up for years to go on a haj to the holy city of Mecca.
  • hark Hark! Do you hear the sound of the trumpets in the distance?
  • haw The farmer's haw was full of ripe berries ready to be harvested.
  • hay The cow eats hay for breakfast.
  • he He couldn't believe his luck when he won the lottery.
  • hear I hear the sound of the ocean when I put a seashell to my ear.
  • heck "What the heck are you doing?" she exclaimed as she caught her friend snooping through her belongings.
  • heir The prince was the heir to the throne, but he did not want the responsibility.
  • Her Her hair was curly and golden, cascading down her back in waves.
  • hew The lumberjack worked to hew down the thick tree trunk.
  • Hey "Hey, do you have plans for the weekend?"
  • Jamar "Jamar, where are you?
  • jar She carefully placed the cookies in the jar to keep them fresh.
  • jars I need to buy some glass jars for my homemade jam.
  • jaw The dentist had to realign my jaw after my accident.
  • jay I saw a blue jay perched on the tree branch.
  • jean I like to wear a jean jacket when it's chilly outside.
  • jeer The crowd continued to jeer at the politician even after he apologized.
  • Jeri I'm going to call her Jeri.
  • jew
  • jihad "Jihad" is an Islamic term that refers to the struggle to maintain faith and live according to Islamic principles.
  • Joe Joe loves to sing in the shower.
  • josher
  • khmer The Khmer empire was known for its impressive architecture and advanced irrigation systems.
  • rehear The actors chose to rehear their lines before the final performance.
  • shear The sheep needs to be sheared before the hot summer months.

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