What is the correct spelling for JOBES?

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Correct spellings for JOBES

  • gobs And between the guns, and in front of the guns, and past the guns went our marching men, our mud men, with wet steel helmets, with gobs of mud on their faces, with clods of mud growing monstrously upon their boots at every step.
  • jibe Even now as I look at you, you laugh and jibe !
  • job And to tell you the truth, I wanted to give Dick a job .
  • jobber We have the jobber who buys only lean store cattle, and the jobber of fat cattle alone.
  • jobless And now, once more adrift and jobless , but with the most tremendous secret of the ages in his possession, he naturally turned to the comfort and the calming influence of the broad highway, in his long journey towards the place where he was to meet, in desperate opposition, the machinations of the Air Trust magnates.
  • jones You may be sure I didn't think of Mary Dugdale, the bride that was, nor of poor Jones , neither; although he is a good looking man enough-I never said he wasn't.
  • obese At one of the convents a dance is proposed for the entertainment of the illustrious strangers, and while a few act as musicians, the greater number of the oleaginous, obese monks tuck up their frocks, and begin sliding and whirling and gliding about with as much gusto as a number of school-girls at play.
  • Jose It forms part of the great hacienda of Xcanchakan, the property of Don Jose Maria Meneses, the venerable cura of San Cristoval, formerly provesor of the Church of Yucatan.
  • Kobe Count Okuma, speaking in the Kobe Chamber of Commerce, said: "There are three hundred million natives in India looking to us to rescue them from the thraldom of Great Britain."
  • goes How goes it, Lieutenant?
  • obeys Fatality obeys those who dare give it orders, and therefore there is no inevitable tragedy.
  • joys All joys and sorrows, all hopes and fears, all plans and purposes should be talked over, and carried out in common.
  • jobs So, they are willing to take these jobs , to be put out to pasture on wayward planets until they die at thirty-five.
  • robes The treasury of this monastery is famous among all who are specially interested in such matters for its priceless robes and jewels, to say nothing in detail of the aggregated value of its gold and silver plate.
  • jobbers I have briefly noticed the cattle trade in connection with the Aberdeen butchers: let me now glance at the shippers and jobbers of the provinces, as it is from them that the raw material is furnished.
  • oboes Six Sonatas for two Oboes and Bass.
  • jabbers He jabbers something, dodging the point, but appears complacent.
  • globes On the third landing the man paused, and after examining the number on the key, turned to the left, and slouching past three or four doors, finally unlocked one and preceded Woburn into a room lit only by the upward gleam of the electric globes in the street below.
  • cubes The brass-yellow coloured cubes so often seen in roofing-slates are familiar examples of the mode of its occurrence.
  • jokes All right, I won't, but remember when you feel like playing jokes on the boys that I may say something about it.
  • gibes As a huge joke Erasmus wrote the Praise of Folly; as such More and all his circle lauded it; as such Froben reprinted it; and as such young Holbein pointed all its laughing gibes .
  • OBS 9' 32" Since Obs .
  • CBS
  • COBS The question of riding, him, however, was a matter of Hobson's choice, for the other animals were fat ladies' cobs mainly used in harness.
  • JABS And just as I gets this notion in my nut, he cuts loose with a bunch of rapid-fire jabs that had me wonderin' where I'd be if one landed just right.
  • goobers "I've hit it right on these goobers , Alfred," she said.
  • jibes Temporarily he may feel ashamed; he may find it hard to withstand the jibes and jeers and criticism of his friends for refusing to join them in things he should not do.
  • lobes The disease attacks the smaller lobes in their lowest portions first and gradually extends upward, i.
  • achromatizes
  • all-firedest
  • amassings
  • approvings
  • disenthroning
  • enforcings
  • gumshoed
  • gumshoeing
  • jet-set

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