What is the correct spelling for JOYES?

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Correct spellings for JOYES

  • eyes Could she believe her eyes ?
  • jones She's a good-natured sort is Mary, though not equal to Jones -not by no means.
  • joyce That's what Joyce meant when he asked about my cold!
  • joyless She uttered a little joyless laugh.
  • joyous Certainly no light and joyous feeling that we are going to celebrate a feast, and share our good things with our deity.
  • noyes Two or three days later Pete Noyes came to the house.
  • yes "Oh yes ," said Dryfoos.
  • Joyed We learn that "a new and handsome front gate has been put up on the premises of our famous Shakspear"; that "our honored townsman-poet hath graciously contributed three-and-sixpence toward the mending of the town pump"; that "a gloom hath been cast over the entire community by the bone-felon upon Mr. Shaikspur's left thumb"; that "our immortal Shakespeere hath well discharged the onerous offices of road-overseer for the year past"; that "our sweete friend, Will Shakespear, will go fishing for trouts to-morrow with his good gossip, Ben Jonson, that hath come to be his guest a little season"; that "Master W. Shackspur hath a barrow that upon the slaughtering did weigh 400 weight"; that "the laylocks in the Shaxpur yard being now in bloom filleth the air with delectable smells, whereby the poet is mightily joyed in that he did plant and nurture the same," etc.
  • Jose Jose Castro's first words were in Spanish, but immediately perceiving that he failed to make her understand, he nodded comprehendingly, and said: "All righta-I espeak Engleesh-I am Jose Castro too well known to the Maestro.
  • Dyes The latter lady was a good deal exercised in mind, consequent upon the Reverend Arthur insisting upon bringing his collecting-box, and the doctor his gun; and also because, when the latter was not chatting with the ladies of the party, he was constantly finding out that such and such a woody point would be a splendid place for being set ashore, as the forest abounded with birds and insects rich in nature's brightest dyes.
  • goes Life goes along really just as though being a Catholic didn't make any difference at all."
  • joys And yet we soon discover that he cares nothing for us, or for our joys and sorrows in themselves.
  • jobs If married, his family require some help from the cottage women; and there are odd jobs , well paid for, on the place for the men.
  • jokers Rodes again laughed, and sent those incorrigible jokers off with: Yes, yes!
  • jays The blue-jays are as noisy in our woods as in other parts of the world, and as inquisitive and impertinent.
  • jogs My horse is such a beauty, And he jogs along so fast.
  • yokes He who yokes them to his chariot shall win the race.
  • jokes I won't say anything about it no matter how much Billy jokes , I am interested in the other matter.
  • foyers Not far distant we came to the House of Foyers , where we landed and hurried up the glen to the falls.
  • AYES There was a plebiscite, and a vote, and seven million five hundred thousand ayes.
  • JOTS At the very first words the cobbler discovers that it is part of a beautiful song, conforming to all the Master Singers' rigid rules, and he hastily jots down the words, bidding the young knight be careful to retain the tune.
  • coyer She was quiet and gentle; but no shyer, no brighter, no coyer , no happier, than she had been for months before.
  • joules
  • joshes Susan, motherless herself, never tired of their talk of home, their mothers, their married sisters, their cousins in convents, their Church picnics and concerts and fairs, and "joshes"-"joshes" were as the breath of life to this innocent pair.
  • addressings
  • dis-unifies
  • disaaranging
  • gumshoed
  • gumshoeing
  • itchinesses

9 words made from the letters JOYES

  • 3 letter words made from JOYES:

    eos, joy, soy, yes.
  • 5 letter words made from JOYES:

  • 4 letter words made from JOYES:

    joys, sejo, yoes, yose.