What is the correct spelling for JUM?

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Correct spellings for JUM

  • bum You see I went down to Floridy for my health, and when I had about recivered I got onto a bum in Jacksonville and spent all my money and everything else but my very oldest suit o' clothes and my pistol, a Colt's repeater, ten inch barrel.
  • gum This was the apple-gum, by using which, they could if necessary get a white heat in the iron.
  • hum Be it ever so homely there's no place like hum.
  • jam Such hiding would easily deceive even a trout, for I have often taken my position at the edge of a jam and after lying perfectly still for ten minutes have seen the wary fish rise from under the logs to investigate a straw or twig that I held in my fingers and with which I touched the water here and there, like an insect at play.
  • jug And the beer was spilt, and the jug broken, and all-Lizer was that clever?
  • jump It would make them jump, anyway, wouldn't it?
  • jut The piers jut out into the sapphire blue of this artificial bay, and are surrounded by myriads of tiny rowing shells, in which you must trust yourself to get to land, as your big ship anchors a mile or more from shore.
  • mum I-reckon I will, mum!
  • rum This was the beginning of the rum traffic; and ships frequently arrived afterwards with stores, and always with quantities of spirits-rum from America and brandy from the Cape.
  • sum "Nex' day I was gettin' ready for Sum Merriman's funeral,-it was to be at one o'clock,-when Elspie come in my room, sort o' shyin' up to me gentle.
  • tum The halls where once he trod With stately tread-er- Tum-ti-iddity- As the dead- or words, my dear Pinckney, much to that effect.
  • Fum Youer bin a-cuttin' up at de table, en Mars John, he tuck'n sont you 'way fum dar, en w'iles he think youer off some'er a-snifflin' en a-feelin' bad, yer you is a-high-primin' 'roun' des lak you done had mo' supper dan de King er Philanders.
  • Jim Oh, Lionel, by the way, do you think Jim should know?
  • Jun Fancy that we are sitting on the old terrace in the Junkerstrasse....
  • UM "Take um your horses little yard belonga Mr. Archer," he said, pointing towards the town.
  • YUM The unique culinary art dim sum originated with the Cantonese in Guangzhou (or Canton), who over the centuries transformed yum cha from a relaxing respite to a loud and happy dining experience. You're so hot, you're so yum I'm gonna get me some – Party @ by Tina Bride
  • JUL Jul. If that will clear my debt, enjoy thy wish; Love me, and long, and desperately love me. I hope thou wilt, that I may plague thee more: Mean time, take from me that detested object; Convey thy much loathed person from my sight.