What is the correct spelling for KABAB?

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Correct spellings for KABAB

  • babe She has grown dreadfully depressed since the birth of her babe .
  • baby Only one more baby came in.
  • baobab We'll have another fire by the baobab .
  • barb In vain did Mr. Waterhouse try to break it; and the barb , which appeared on the other side, forbade extraction, until that could be performed.
  • bib They then lifted up a fine white cloth covering fruit and a great variety of dishes of different sorts; one who looked like a student said grace, and a page put a laced bib on Sancho, while another who played the part of head carver placed a dish of fruit before him.
  • bob "So Bob says, but what's he know-more than us?
  • cab Who was in that cab ?
  • cabal The Tartuffe hove into view as an enemy's vessel; it offended, not Dieu mais les devots, as the Prince de Conde explained the cabal raised against it to the King.
  • cabby "I wasn't asking for none," said the cabby .
  • cuba The appearance of these small fields of the Indian weed and the saccharine plant, to one familiar with their growth in Cuba and Louisiana, is like a broad caricature.
  • gab Wonderful gift o' the gab he's got.
  • gabby Veronica had a nice way of soundin' people for their pet hobbies, and she must have got Dudley started on his; for it's the only subject I ever knew him to get real gabby over.
  • garb "Bring your garb , your clothing.
  • jab But it needs more 'n a little jab like that to bring Mr. Robert out of his Romeo trance.
  • kabul But the Sahibs are all dead now, and the Railway runs, you say, nearly to Kabul .
  • kb The Kirkwood–Buff (KB) solution theory, due to John G.
  • kebab Bun kebab consists of a spicy patty which is shallow-fried, onions, and Chutney and/or Raita in a hamburger or hot dog bun.
  • nabob It was late in the afternoon when Newton arrived at the residence of the colonel, when he perceived immediately that everything was on the establishment of an old Indian nabob .
  • skibob
  • Bub "Bub," he murmured, "I'm goin' to take some other time to tell you what I think of you.
  • Kaaba The arrangements were that for ten years, peace between the prophet and the Meccans should be maintained, and that within a year a party of the Moslems were to be allowed to make a pilgrimage to the Kaaba .
  • KGB KGB (1976), Ray Kennedy (vocals), Barry Goldberg (keyboards), Mike Bloomfield (guitar), Ric Grech (bass), Carmine Appice (drums) Selected session work Highway 61 Revisited – Bob Dylan (1965) Album - Peter, Paul and Mary (1965) Chicago Loop (1966) "Carry On"/"Ronnie Siegel from Avenue L" 45 - Barry Goldberg, with Frank Zappa, guitar, produced by Tom Wilson Grape Jam – Moby Grape (1968) – Played Piano Living with the Animals – Mother Earth (1968); credited as "Makal Blumfeld" due to contractual constraints.
  • Cobb She made it for Mary Cobb , and you know Mary always orders the best, but, the poor girl's mother bein' dead, the dress come back on Miss Stella's hands.
  • Kobe A little previous to this the proposition of the Shogunate to open the port of Hyogo, now Kobe , to foreign trade was agreed to by the Emperor, a fact which proves how difficult it was to maintain the out-of-date seclusion-policy.
  • KALB Or was Margarete herself disinclined,-piqued perhaps by Schiller's neglect of her, or by his passion for Charlotte von Kalb ?
  • kebabs In 1985, after private markets were officially permitted in Beijing, more Uyghurs arrived, opening street stands that sold kebabs and dried fruit.

8 words made from the letters KABAB

  • 3 letter words made from KABAB:

    aba, aka, baa.
  • 4 letter words made from KABAB:

  • 5 letter words made from KABAB:

    babak, babka, kabab, kabba.