What is the correct spelling for KACOON?

If you meant to type "cocoon" but accidentally wrote "kacoon", fear not! The correct spelling for the cozy casing spun by a caterpillar is indeed "cocoon". It's a common misspelling, so double-check before submitting any written work. Remember, "cocoon" is the way to go!

Correct spellings for KACOON

  • Acorn Squirrels are known to hoard acorns for the winter.
  • Acton I visited the small town of Acton last weekend to see the historic train station.
  • Baboon The baboon roared ferociously in the African jungle.
  • Bacon I love bacon with my scrambled eggs in the morning.
  • Cocoon The caterpillar spun a cocoon around itself and emerged a beautiful butterfly.
  • Dacron The new shirt was made of Dacron, which meant it was wrinkle-resistant and easy to care for.
  • Kaboom Suddenly, there was a loud kaboom coming from the other side of the city.
  • Kahoot During the online class, the professor used Kahoot interactive game to assess the students' understanding of the topic.
  • Kazoo I decided to add a kazoo solo to our band's next performance.
  • Kazoos The children played their kazoos at the birthday party.
  • Lagoon The beautiful lagoon was surrounded by white sand and sea grass.
  • Laocoon The statue of Laocoon is considered as a masterpiece of ancient Greek art.
  • Macon Macon is a city in Georgia that is known for its music and history.
  • Macron French President Emmanuel Macron delivered a speech on national television.
  • Maroon He wore a maroon and gold tie to his daughter's graduation ceremony.
  • Raccoon Last night, a mischievous raccoon raided our outdoor garbage can for scraps.
  • Saloon I walked into the old western saloon and immediately smelled the stale smoke and whiskey in the air.
  • Tycoon The tycoon owned several businesses and had amassed a fortune over the years.