What is the correct spelling for KADDING?

If you meant to say "kidding" instead of "kadding", fret no more! Typos happen to the best of us. The correct spelling for your intended word is "kidding". Double-checking your text before sending it can save you from funny misinterpretations.

Correct spellings for KADDING

  • Adding Adding milk to your coffee can make it creamier and richer in flavor.
  • Gadding She refused to be stuck inside all day, so she went gadding off to the beach.
  • Kidding I'm not kidding, I actually won the lottery!
  • Madding The hustle and bustle of the city can be quite madding at times.
  • Padding The padding in my running shoes is worn out and needs to be replaced soon.
  • Wadding The seamstress added wadding to the pillow to make it more comfortable to sleep on.