What is the correct spelling for KEACH?

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Correct spellings for KEACH

  • bach This is a sufficient answer to the absurd statement which has been made, and is still sometimes repeated, that Bach was jealous of the young composer and abused him to his friends.
  • beach At length Collingwood turned abruptly and walked down the beach .
  • cache But no such cache was found, and I doubt very much if Peary ever reached this point, except through a field-glass at very long range.
  • cash I 'm not the least pressed for cash .
  • catch I'd like to catch her when she is.
  • coach She had on her cloak and bonnet, and before Joris could ask her another question a coach drove to the door.
  • each You should meet each other.
  • etch Evelyn was not disturbed by the light, or at least she did not complain; and it was certainly a famous time for committing things to memory: the subsequent hours of sleep seemed rather to etch the facts into your brain than to blur them.
  • gash Before four o'clock he was lying senseless on the floor, a great ugly gash in the back of his head, and a woman feeling at his heart to know if it was beating, and laughing a maniacal laugh of triumph when she found it was, and that her scheme was successful-so far.
  • ketch But if they didn't ketch the bar, then one was blamin tother, an tother anuther, an sumtimes the affair would end by gettin into a regular fite all around.
  • koch When Koch said in the British Congress on Tuberculosis that he should estimate the extent of infection by the milk and flesh of tuberculous cattle and the butter made of their milk as hardly greater than that of hereditary transmission, and that he therefore did not deem it advisable to take any measures against it, he went far beyond what was justified by any experiments or observations which he reported, and he did a great deal of harm, which will be manifested for years to come, to those who endeavor to guard the human race from the dangers of animal tuberculosis.
  • kvetch
  • leach Close by this stood the empty leach -tubs awaiting filling and the busy days and nights when the potash-making should begin.
  • mach The eye of the financier, however, turned towards the doorway as Alain and Enguerrand entered, and passing over their familiar faces, fixed itself attentively on that of a mach older man whom Enguerrand was presenting to the Duchesse, and in whom Duplessis rightly divined the Vicomte de Mauleon.
  • peach Add a laurel leaf, or two or three peach -leaves, and a spoonful of vinegar.
  • peachy Oh, bibbie, that was some peachy machine.
  • reach There is no way by which they would be likely to reach you except by the trail on which we go, and we will know if they are about before they can possibly get up the trail.
  • search His life, spent in the search for knowledge, had proved it to him.
  • sketch A sketch is a rough, suggestive presentation of anything, whether graphic or literary, commonly intended to be preliminary to a more complete or extended treatment. An outline gives only the bounding or determining lines of a figure or a scene; a sketch may give not only lines, but shading and color, but is hasty and incomplete. The lines of a sketch are seldom so full and continuous as those of an outline, being, like the shading or color, little more than indications or suggestions according to which a finished picture may be made; the artist's first representation of a sunset, the hues of which change so rapidly, must of necessity be a sketch . Draft and plan apply especially to mechanical drawing, of which outline, sketch , and drawing are also used; a plan is strictly a view from above, as of a building or machine, giving the lines of a horizontal section, originally at the level of the ground, now in a wider sense at any height; as, a plan of the cellar; a plan of the attic. A mechanical drawing is always understood to be in full detail; a draft is an incomplete or unfinished drawing; a design is such a preliminary sketch as indicates the object to be accomplished or the result to be attained, and is understood to be original. One may make a drawing of any well-known mechanism, or a drawing from another man's design; but if he says, "The design is mine," he claims it as his own invention or composition. In written composition an outline gives simply the main divisions, and in the case of a sermon is often called a skeleton; a somewhat fuller suggestion of illustration, treatment, and style is given in a sketch . A lawyer's brief is a succinct statement of the main facts involved in a case, and of the main heads of his argument on points of law, with reference to authorities cited; the brief has none of the vagueness of a sketch , being sufficiently exact and complete to form, on occasion, the basis for the decision of the court without oral argument, when the case is said to be "submitted on brief." Compare DESIGN.
  • teach "Come to me, and I will teach you," he said.
  • tech I am not writing an apology for my life, and I shall not attempt to extenuate my conduct in going abroad at the end of my course at Tech and, when I made Laurance Donovan's acquaintance, in setting off with him on a career of adventure.
  • Keck Now at the head of this college were two very wise Chinese philosophers-by name, Hum-Drum and Kopy-Keck.
  • Lech They had met the Kaiser on the plains of the Lech , this morning; and, no doubt, gloomed unutterable things on George and his Speech.
  • Keisha
  • Keogh Tone, Emmet, and Keogh in the Rathfarnham Garden.
  • demoniacs
  • high-handednesses

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