What is the correct spelling for KECHIN?

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Correct spellings for KECHIN

  • cain I read such a delightfully thrilling account this morning of a man who killed his own brother,-quite like Cain ."
  • chain Doggie shut the front door and put up the chain and went back into his sitting-room.
  • chin A straight nose and firm chin completed a face that was not only full of character, but also good to look upon.
  • china Otherwise he would be a regular bull in a china shop.
  • chine Then he thrust the pieces upon pikes and gave them to this huntsman and to that to carry, to one the snout to another the haunch to another the flank to another the chine ; and he taught them how to ride by twos in rank, according to the dignity of the pieces each might bear.
  • chino So the Chino ranch and more recently Lucky Baldwin's broad acres have yielded.
  • cochin But I know this: a swift cruiser-the Fer-de-Lance-is lying off Paradise, between the light-house and the Ile de Groix, with steam up night and day, ready to receive the treasures of the government at the first alarm and run for the French possessions in Cochin -China.
  • coin "Why," asked Monsieur Roger, "does the paper reach the ground as soon as the coin ?"
  • echoing "It is a man's work," she thrilled softly, echoing her sister, and she closed her eyes to enjoy the vision of him, strong in character, large in talent, irresistible in will power, commanding amid storms and possibly even shot and shell....
  • etching His dress is minutely described, and faithfully depicted by Leech, in the etching in which we see the sponger conducting a very portly Mrs. Jawleyford, followed by her daughters, to the dining-room.
  • keen Simply, I see that she is no longer keen on the matter, and there is a large possibility of my not having her at all.
  • ken One of them said, "I ken you will just be going to give us money."
  • kern But if you keep on, you're done for as sure as my name is Kern .
  • ketch "I seen the conscrip'-guard a little while ago pokin' 'roun' this-a-way; but Lor', that ain' the way to ketch deserters.
  • kin "I was expecting more of my wife's kin ," Tug said, with an angry snort, taking down his finger to turn over the meat-bone, and using his eye to look for a place not yet attacked.
  • kitchen The nice old lady in the kitchen .
  • klein It is often said that this monster was set up as a public token of the hatred which the triumphant Protestantism of the south bank felt for the stubborn Catholicism of Klein -Basel.
  • koch My first impulse was to wire Koch a reply to be dispatched to His Majesty, but on reflection I realized that the question was one which I could not answer with truth.
  • kuhn Kuhn remarks that the word mat is common for "sight," and "eye" all over the Malay Archipelago.
  • shin On Ben's strong shoulders Frank was soon hoisted up to a height where he could lay hold of a projecting bit of rock and shin himself up on to the top of the nose.
  • urchin And in his mind there framed a picture of himself riding along the road with a string between his fingers; and, following in the upper layers of air, a buzzing kite; and, down in the dust of the highway, an urchin trudging wistfully after the kite, drawn on irresistibly, in spite of his better judgment, on and on, horrified but fascinated, up to the yawning school-door.
  • Kevin Like his countryman, St. Kevin -my friend Petrie has ascertained that the saint was a native of Tralee-he fled from the temptations of the world, and the blandishments of the fair; but, alas!
  • Sketching The tone was cold and calm, and she went on sketching.
  • Chen "I have not seen either Mr. Chang Li or Mr. Chen Li since the morning of the 18th November," suddenly said Yada.
  • Chan Tak Chan -kuk died about noon, May 23rd.
  • caching
  • kvetching
  • ex-celling

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