What is the correct spelling for KEYSAFE?

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Correct spellings for KEYSAFE

  • cafe Boldly she reached for the knob of the screen door and entered the cafe. Now I'm in a corner of the street cafe My heart is warmer since I heard from you today – Inside Out by Kate Voegele
  • carafe In her bedroom Hannah was hovering about between the washstand and dressing-table, a lighted candle in one hand, a carafe of water in the other.
  • cassava At last the leader of the party called a halt and they sat down to eat some of the cassava and manioc cakes they had brought with them.
  • corsage With her smile, which exhibited her lovely teeth, the color of the large pearls which were twined about her neck, with the emeralds in her fair hair, with her fine shoulders displayed by the slope of her white corsage, with her delicate waist, with the splendor of her arms from which she had removed the gloves to yield them to the caresses of Maitland, and which gleamed with more emeralds, with her carriage marked by a certain haughtiness, she was truly a woman of another age, the sister of those radiant princesses whom the painters of Venice evoke beneath the marble porticoes, among apostles and martyrs.
  • cursive There can be little doubt that, besides the cuneiform character, which was only suited for inscriptions, the Persians employed a cursive writing for common literary purposes.
  • geyser Well, that old geyser straightened up, and so did I, for that matter.
  • kasai Page Gadaria (Shepherd) 3 Gadba (Forest tribe) 9 Ganda (Weaver and labourer) 14 Gandhmali (Uriya village priests and temple servants) 17 Garpagari (Averter of hailstorms) 19 Gauria (Snake-charmer and juggler) 24 Ghasia (Grass-cutter) 27 Ghosi (Buffalo-herdsman) 32 Golar (Herdsman) 35 Gond (Forest tribe and cultivator) 39 Gond-Gowari (Herdsman) 143 Gondhali (Religious mendicant) 144 Gopal (Vagrant criminal caste) 147 Gosain (Religious mendicant) 150 Gowari (Herdsman) 160 Gujar (Cultivator) 166 Gurao (Village priest) 175 Halba (Forest tribe, labourer) 182 Halwai (Confectioner) 201 Hatkar (Soldier, shepherd) 204 Hijra (Eunuch, mendicant) 206 Holia (Labourer, curing hides) 212 Injhwar (Boatman and fisherman) 213 Jadam (Cultivator) 217 Jadua (Criminal caste) 219 Jangam (Priest of the Lingayat sect) 222 Jat (Landowner and cultivator) 225 Jhadi Telenga (Illegitimate, labourer) 238 Jogi (Religious mendicant and pedlar) 243 Joshi (Astrologer and village priest) 255 Julaha (Weaver) 279 Kachera (Maker of glass bangles) 281 Kachhi (Vegetable-grower) 285 Kadera (Firework-maker) 288 Kahar (Palanquin-bearer and household servant) 291 Kaikari (Basket-maker and vagrant) 296 Kalanga (Soldier, cultivator) 302 Kalar (Liquor vendor) 306 Kamar (Forest tribe) 323 Kanjar (Gipsies and prostitutes) 331 Kapewar (Cultivator) 342 Karan (Writer and clerk) 343 Kasai (Butcher) 346 Kasar (Worker in brass) 369 Kasbi (Prostitute) 373 Katia (Cotton-spinner) 384 Kawar (Forest tribe and cultivator) 389 Kayasth (Village accountant, writer and clerk) 404 Kewat (Boatman and fisherman) 422 Khairwar (Forest tribe; boilers of catechu) 427 Khandait (Soldier, cultivator) 436 Khangar (Village watchman and labourer) 439 Kharia (Forest tribe, labourer) 445 Khatik (Mutton-butcher) 453 Khatri (Merchant) 456 Khojah (Trader and shopkeeper) 461 Khond (Forest tribe, cultivator) 464 Kir (Cultivator) 481 Kirar (Cultivator) 485 Kohli (Cultivator) 493 Kol (Forest tribe, labourer) 500 Kolam (Forest tribe, cultivator) 520 Kolhati (Acrobat) 527 Koli (Forest tribe, cultivator) 532 Kolta (Landowner and cultivator) 537 Komti (Merchant and shopkeeper) 542 Kori (Weaver and labourer) 545 Korku (Forest tribe, labourer) 550 Korwa (Forest tribe, cultivator) 571 Koshti (Weaver) 581
  • recife
  • safe
  • save
  • versify
  • Geese At noon to dinner, where the remains of yesterday's venison and a couple of brave green geese, which we are fain to eat alone, because they will not keepe, which troubled us.
  • Jesse Hugh, 54, 60, 74. Mercer, Jesse, 77. Mercer, John, 87. Mercer, Gov.
  • USAF
  • Jessie "I don't know," answered Jessie, looking quite alarmed.
  • Keys He has the keys.
  • Josefa The Josefa Segunda, 5 Wheaton, 357. In this case Judge Livingston says:
  • Josef Josef will look after them both later on."
  • geysers Yellowstone Park is perhaps the only region where one can see innumerable geysers shooting high into the air, performing year after year with clockwork regularity.
  • un-abbreviated
  • un-clasped
  • un-clasping

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