What is the correct spelling for KIFE?

If you mistakenly type "kife" instead of "knife", fear not! Auto-correct can trigger various suggestions to rectify this spelling error. Some possible corrections might include "like", "life" or the correct spelling "knife". Always double-check your spellings before sending to ensure clear communication.

Correct spellings for KIFE

  • fife The sound of the fife filled the air as the soldiers marched.
  • kaif
  • kine The medieval word for cows is "kine".
  • kite She loves to fly her kite on windy days at the beach.
  • knife She used the serrated knife to cut through the crusty bread.
  • life Life is full of challenges, but it's up to us to overcome them.
  • rife During the time of the plague, superstitions and rumors were rife among the people.
  • wife Bob is married to his beautiful wife, Rebecca.