What is the correct spelling for KILLT?

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Correct spellings for KILLT

  • billet He wanted Jan to marry him before he went back to India in October, and if he got the billet he hoped for, to follow him, taking the two children out, early in November.
  • clot After the discharge of about a pint of bloody pus, the stream was checked by a clot of blood coming into the opening.
  • colt Jim Brewster's mare had a colt on Wednesday.
  • cult I only mentioned him, because you so seldom miss the unusual, and are so quick to hail a new cult or odd mental specimen."
  • fillet Therewith he entered all alone to the children to weep over them, and he found them playing in the bed; but the scars of their wounds showed about the necks of each of them even as a red fillet .
  • gild It is evident that no one can rhyme words without everlastingly trying to gild the lily.
  • gill This ground is fished by hand lines, gill nets, and trawls mainly by boats and small craft.
  • gilt In one corner of the dining room stood the great tree, radiant with gilt and silver ornaments.
  • glut Besides, they had had a glut of Christian blood; a reaction of feeling had taken place, and, in spite of the suspicion of witchcraft, the youth and the beauty of Callista recommended her to their compassion.
  • guilt Ah, you start, conscious of your guilt .
  • gullet His tail, though less elastic than that of the right whale, can deal a prodigious up-and-down blow, while his gigantic jaws, well garnished with sharp teeth, and capacious gullet , that readily could gulp down a man, are his chief terrors.
  • hilt As they came in, we were in a most hostile attitude; for the Frenchman's pistol was in his hand, and my hand had flown to the hilt of my sword.
  • jilt She is not a-jilt?"
  • jolt He swore at every jolt and jar on the road to relieve his impatience.
  • kelly "It was remarkable the way Lieutenant Kelly and his men got ready to dive," Zircon said.
  • kiln This place is like a brick-kiln.
  • kilo Before ten o'clock Kurt reached Kilo , far across the Copper River, with the Blue Mountains in sight, and from there less confusing directions to follow.
  • kilt He wore a short skirt or kilt reaching to his knees.
  • kilter Aunt Atossa did not like being "caught in a kilter ," so she went out of her way to be disagreeable.
  • kit Kit Markham is the only person who knows how to deal with the thing.
  • klimt
  • lilt If Wanda Malone had remained with him, clear and insistent after yesterday's impersonal vision of her at rehearsal, what was she now, when every tremulous lilt of the zither-string voice, and every little gesture of the impulsive hands, and every eager change of the glowing face, were fresh and living, in all their beautiful reality, but a matter of minutes past?
  • millet It is in the chap-an' that the family rice and millet is threshed.
  • milt "The feed'll git stale by the time the cow comes," objected Milt .
  • quilt First he seized the quilt and tore it into strips, then the blankets, then the sheets.
  • silt The accumulation of silt is so great, and the growth of weeds and rushes so rapid, that for some five months in the year the river is kept empty for necessary operations; and at the best of times the water is slow and sluggish.
  • skillet The mountain of suspicion and some few pebbles of evidence melted away as lard in a skillet .
  • tilt He had just time to lift her over the gate, and to spring after her, when the creature came full tilt against it.
  • wilt Think what thou wilt .
  • Jill I do wish Jill would mind her own business.
  • Killed Why, I had no idea that he would be killed!"
  • Kelli
  • Kiel When it was too late, John Castellan remembered in the bitterness of his soul that the torpedoes which had destroyed Portsmouth would have been sufficient to have wrecked the Channel Fleet, and now there was nothing for it but to leave Admiral Durenne to fight his own battle against the most powerful fleet in the world, and to use what was left of the motive power to get back to Kiel , and replenish their magazines.
  • kills Because of his fear, the beast kills him."
  • kilts Their only clothing was short kilts made of the materials for which they bartered their game.
  • inseparabilities

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