What is the correct spelling for KINUTES?

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Correct spellings for KINUTES

  • contuse More Frenchmen press, and roaring antiphons Of cannonry contuse the roofs and walls and trees.
  • countess The Countess is represented to have been as lovely in person as in mind, the very idol of the court, and surrounded by admirers to the last moment.
  • giantess I am coming with such a trunk full of treasures that you'll have to borrow the stockings of Barnum's Giant and Giantess ; I am coming to squeeze a certain little lady-bird until she cries for mercy; I am coming to see if I can find a boy to take care of a little black pony I bought lately.
  • minutes Five minutes later found Leo, Carl and Mr. Cook on the way.
  • nuts The president is beginning to think we're both nuts .
  • Juntas Madeira and the Azores immediately installed revolutionary juntas, and some of the Brazilian provinces could not wait until the assembling of the Cortes before establishing free governments.
  • Knits My mother knits sometimes, and does the house-work.
  • Counties The large farms have grown larger; a holding of 200 acres was counted a very large farm in the time of the Commonwealth; it would be considered a very moderate one in most English counties now.
  • Inuits It was a fortnight before the Inuits again appeared, and meanwhile the whale-boat was broken up for fuel.
  • counts After all, though 'what one can take' may be the only thing that counts on one side, what has been offered can hardly be left out of a sane vision of the other.
  • joints On three of the fingers of each hand were diamond rings reaching to the middle joints .
  • notes He seemed to believe so completely the story Harry told him, and took careful notes of it, saying he would prepare a brief of the facts and the law, and that Harry might safely leave everything to him.
  • counters And men, young and old, all went back to their ledgers and counters and manufacturing with a sense of lassitude and dejection.
  • kings 14; 1 Kings xviii.
  • unites We quote Froebel again, in these lines, and we quote others in which he bids us Break not suddenly the dream The blessed dream of infancy; In which the soul unites with all In earth, or heaven, or sea, or sky.
  • knots This is because the run of the ship is recorded in knots and tenths.
  • jaunts To his wife nothing could be more pleasant, and she has often recounted these jaunts to her friends with delight.
  • kitties Billy had hidden a chocolate mouse somewhere in the room and the children were asked to be kitties and try to find it.
  • kits In them we merely stated that we were safe and well, and asked that small kits might be dropped over to us, and signed them Lee, Austin, and Everard.
  • kinds If there was anything like real entertaining to be done at Rede Place, all kinds of arrangements would have to be made, and the making of them must fall on Dick Wantele.
  • inters During the night "the apparition of the beach"-her own child-had been with her, and it had said,- "Thou hast only dug half a grave for me; but now for a year and a day thou hast entombed me in thy heart, and there a mother best inters her child."
  • ignites In contact with the water the metal ignites , and for about half-an-hour sheds a radiance for a long way.
  • kindles It shames us to think of all she did, and yet it kindles us so much that we lose our shame in its inspiration.
  • keynotes Or they may take as keynotes the engaged girl's special likes, as in the case of an apple shower, a kitty shower or an old rose shower.
  • GIANTS Lund has also its cathedral, a noble Norman structure dedicated to Saint Lawrence, and which is all things considered one of the finest in Sweden, though it is a little grotesque by reason of the marvellous giants and impossible dwarfs sculptured upon the pillars of the interior.
  • KITES The walls of the hall were decked with firearms,- muskets, pistols, arquebuses, blunderbusses,-pikes, and halberts, symmetrically arranged in stars or other devices; stags' horns, outstretched eagles' wings, extended skins of kites, owls, and king-fishers, together with foxes' brushes, powder-flasks, shot-pouches, fishing-rods, nets, and dogs' collars; while in the corners stood four figures, clothed in complete suits of armour, with lances in their hands, or arquebuses on their arms.
  • quints She was sure that it could not have been done while the Duke was explaining to her the beauty of quints , and expatiating on the horrors of twelve pennies, and twelve inches, and twelve ounces,-variegated in some matters by sixteen and fourteen!
  • nudes The reflection from the smooth stagnant surface tinged his face with the greenish shades of Correggio's nudes .
  • knitters I think it would be better for the knitters if they got clear with the merchants.
  • cunts
  • kittens In another room the children had a chance to hunt for those mittens which the "naughty kittens " once lost.
  • minuets We got through a few minuets , but such dances were too tame for my fair countrywomen; indeed, but few of the men were able to perform them, whereas all took to the country dances as if by instinct.
  • kindest Dr. Strong was "the ideal of the whole school, for he was the kindest of men."
  • actifying
  • backlashed
  • bastilles
  • un-failingnesses

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