What is the correct spelling for KNIOWN?

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Correct spellings for KNIOWN

  • anion An example of a non-carbon radical anion is the superoxide anion , formed by transfer of one electron to an oxygen molecule.
  • bunion There is true gout, and it is probably almost as frequent with us as it is in England, but many of the so-called cases are really flatfoot associated with development of the bunion that so commonly occurs as the arch yields.
  • ion Every one was in good spirits: the host perhaps most of all, who was celebrating his birthday as well as the success of "Ion."
  • kin Of all the concubines of Mithridates who were brought to him, he knew not one, but sent all back to their parents and kin ; for the greater part were the daughters and wives of generals and princes. Seeking a purpose and a meaning of kin And when it finally came to him You could've mistook it for the meaning of sin – Fields of Mars by bad religion
  • know He did not know himself, or, rather, he would not know . Have changed you wholly; for I shall know (How could I forget having loved you so?), – Beginning, The by Rupert Brooke
  • knowing They wouldn't be knowing me at home. I should've tried to keep you from knowin' But how can I stop my love from showin'? – I Don't Wanna Say Goodnight by Gary Lewis
  • known I might have known he would." For the men that I've known Who have clearly shown – Never Give All the Heart by Unknown Author
  • minion The sad, white face of Minion arose from the dripping flanks of the journal as he caught sight of Peter in the arched entrance.
  • minoan 3000-2600, Early Minoan I. Dynasties I.-V., 3400-2625 B.C. Dynasties I.-V., 5510-4206 B.C. c.
  • neon Knowles), with Louise Griffiths as "Liz Batho/Elizabeth Bathory" 2013 – Fright Night 2: New Blood, with Jaime Murray as Gerri Dandridge (whos actually Elisabeth Bathory) 2014 – Documentary Movie (Pavel Novotny) 400 Years of bloody Countess - The secret behind the secret 2015 – Salem: Bloodbath 2015 – Lady of Csejte (Blood Countess, UK Title) 2016 – The Neon Demon
  • nina "Miss Nina ," he stammered, "I'm-I'm sorry for forgetting that you were in that car awhile back.
  • nine "I am due at St. Joseph's at nine o'clock.
  • ninny And, talking of that, you must get tickets to take me to see those animals, my little Ninny Moulin!
  • nona Docchi glared after him. Cameron was the only normal aware that it was Nona who controlled the gravital unit.
  • none It gives me none .
  • noon It was noon when I passed through the little streets.
  • noun 6. The best Latin grammarians admit that the Adjective ought not to be called a Noun ; and the best Greek grammarians, that the Interjections ought not to be included among Adverbs.
  • now Oh, now I know!
  • onion Line the bottom of a stewpan with a few thin slices of bacon; lay the lamb on these; peel the lemon, cut it into slices, and put these on the meat, to keep it white and make it tender; cover with 1 or 2 more slices of bacon; add the stock, onion , and herbs, and set it on a slow fire to simmer very gently until tender.
  • own "Lord Hurdly is in his own house.
  • pinion This gear-wheel meshes with a brass pinion on the motor-shaft.
  • pinon The pinon flourishes in the bleak and barren peaks of the rockies.
  • renown "But it is not for renown merely that you are called upon to fight this day," said he; "your rights, your homes are at stake.
  • union But thou wilt not consent to this hasty union ?
  • Knew He never knew him!
  • Non It was the ponies which had been sent away before the accident, but the servant who accompanied them, alarmed by the non-appearance of the Queen and by the sight of lights moving about, rode back to reconnoitre.
  • knows And I have nobody to speak to that knows .
  • ANON She had evidently been warned against pickpockets, for ever and anon she would start up and clap her hand to her pocket.
  • Nikon In 1986, Japanese company Nikon introduced the first digital single-lens reflex (DSLR) camera, the Nikon SVC.

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