What is the correct spelling for KNODE?

If you are typing "knode" but intend to write "node", here are some correct suggestions: 1) Use spell-check to automatically correct the spelling. 2) Double-check your typing for any inadvertent errors. 3) Consult a dictionary or thesaurus for the correct spelling. 4) Proofread your text before finalizing it to catch and correct any misspellings.

Correct spellings for KNODE

  • anode I plugged in my anode, then I turned on the power.
  • knee I got a bruise on my knee.
  • knot My shoelaces are stuck in a knot.
  • know I know that studying regularly will improve your grades.
  • nod She gave a nod of approval to her coworker.
  • node I need to add a new node to the network.
  • NODES I have a few nodes that I will be using in my project.
  • nods She nods her head in agreement as the speaker finishes his presentation.
  • Noe
  • note I left my phone at home, so I'll have to take my note book with me.
  • ode Inscribed on the wall of the temple was an ode to the goddess Diana.