What is the correct spelling for KNODING?

If you're trying to type "knoding" but keep missing the mark, here are some possible correct suggestions to consider. Are you actually looking for "knowing"? Or maybe you meant "nodding" or "knocking"? Double-check your intentions and choose the right word to convey your message accurately.

Correct spellings for KNODING

  • boding The boding feeling of impending doom grew stronger as the storm clouds gathered in the sky.
  • coding He spent hours on end mastering the art of coding.
  • ending The ending of the movie left the audience shocked and emotional.
  • Kneading I enjoy kneading dough to make homemade pizza.
  • kneeing He was accused of kneeing his opponent in the face during the soccer match.
  • knocking I heard a knocking sound but wasn't sure where it was coming from.
  • Knotting She was knotting her hair into a messy bun when her friend called.
  • knowing Knowing the rules is essential before you start playing the game.
  • nodding The audience was nodding their heads in agreement with the speaker.
  • Nosing I saw a dog nosing around the garden looking for buried bones.
  • Noting Noting the difficult exam, she decided to study harder for the next one.