What is the correct spelling for KNODS?

If you've accidentally spelled "knods" instead of "nods", fear not! Autocorrect might've misled you, but there's an easy fix. Simply replace the "k" with an "n" to correctly express the action of nodding. Remember, it's always important to double-check your spellings for precise communication.

Correct spellings for KNODS

  • Anodes Anodes are commonly used to protect iron and steel structures from corrosion.
  • ends I won't be able to meet you tonight since I have to work late at both ends of the day.
  • kinds There are different kinds of fruits like apple, banana, strawberry, and grapes.
  • kneads He kneads the dough until it is smooth and elastic.
  • Knits My grandmother knits the most beautiful sweaters.
  • knobs The kitchen has a lot of knobs.
  • knot The knot in the cord was tightening.
  • knots She spent hours unraveling the knots in her tangled hair.
  • knows Tom knows how to bake a cake.
  • nod The teacher gave a nod of approval to the student who gave a correct answer.
  • node In computer science, a node is a component of a network.
  • NODES I refuse to participate in the network of nodes.
  • nods He nods in agreement, signaling his support for the proposal.
  • Noes Noes said she did not want to go to the reunion.
  • NOS
  • nous Nous sommes d'accord.
  • Ods