What is the correct spelling for KNOEWING?

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Correct spellings for KNOEWING

  • bowing Bowing and smiling to the audience, the Fat Boy started to walk away.
  • kneeling Yes He sees you kneeling Yes He's already dealing – He Will Answer by Byron Cage
  • knocking She lands at six and the gig is a rocking; The devil is out tonight. The band cuts loose and the stage is a knocking She grabs her chair- she's hot to dance – "Who's Tommy, The" Script - Broadway musical by Unknown Author
  • knowing All my life I shall remember knowing you, All the pleasures that I found in showing you, – I'll See You Again by Frank Sinatra
  • knowingly
  • known Amid a place of stone, Be secret and exult, Because of all things known That is most difficult. – To A Friend Whose Work Has Come To Nothing by William Butler Yeats
  • owing
  • renewing Yet it was through them, and their ill-chosen mode of interference, that the first trouble arose, when that quiet, peaceful winter was over, and the spring arrived with renewing and vigour, and with new happenings in other beside the natural world.
  • rowing The Captain of the London Rowing Club.
  • sewing "Be careful, Guillaume," she at last remarked, as she once more looked up from her sewing .
  • Gnawing Some again were on shore gnawing away at young trees with their sharp teeth, and two fell directly over the stream while we were watching them.
  • Hewing It is the largest inhabited residence known in that part of the world, where rumours are afloat of how it covers ten acres of ground; how in hewing the stones for it a whole mountain was cut away; how it should have cost hundreds of thousands of pounds, only that the money was never paid by the rapacious, wicked, bloodthirsty old earl who caused it to be erected;-and how the cement was thickened with human blood.
  • Kneading He was kneading dough, and had several low, flat pans on the table.
  • Knelling The stillness became intolerable; yet more intolerable the sound that alone broke it, the voice of the clock, knelling moment after moment to its grave.
  • Knotting I'll call him Prince, and ye call him Squeaky-Prince Squeaky, she ended, knotting the cord Flukey had given her about the short hind leg of the animal.
  • Lowing The sun goes down, there come sounds of cow-bells nearing the saeters, the musical cries and calls of the saeter-girls, the lowing of the cattle.
  • Mewing He could hear the nearest ones mewing as they sailed over the house.
  • Mowing So I laugh it off and I say to myself: "Steady now: the man is going to town to sell a pig; he is coming back with ten pounds of sugar, five of salt pork, a can of coffee and some new blades for his mowing machine.
  • Nosing And with that she padded off after Eleseus up through the forest, shrunken with age, grey and abject, and for ever nosing after things, imperishable.
  • Noting She was conscious that all were noting her absent manner, and this embarrassed and vexed her more; and yet she seemed under a miserable paralysis that she could neither explain nor escape.
  • Towing Having secured the bodies of the two deer to ropes,-Kepenau and Reuben towing one, and Kakaik and I the other,-we began to paddle back towards the end of the lake from which we had come.
  • Vowing He left the house vowing vengeance, and lost no time in informing the Federal authorities that the wounded officer at Crawford's was shamming, and would give them the slip if not taken away.
  • Cowing
  • Snowing
  • Sowing
  • Ewing
  • meowing
  • kneeing
  • knowings
  • wowing

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