What is the correct spelling for KNOND?

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Correct spellings for KNOND

  • bond It must be instinct which had revealed to the beast the old and singular bond which linked his master and this new acquaintance.
  • fond Helen was very fond of her brother.
  • kind And what kind of a man is Grove?"
  • knead In the trouble and distress of his mind, the Florentine was able to knead him like dough.
  • knot As I let myself down from knot to knot , a thought crossed my mind: "How are we going to get that grapnel after we both are down?"
  • known And this is but a poor way to put it; yet how shall I make the thing more known to you?
  • nan But don't think about that, dear Nan , but about the good time coming, when we shall have our own home-all four of us together-and oh, such a good, happy time!
  • nd "I called Aunt Sue, and told her to show ther lady whar ter dump her fixins,' and der yo' believe it, thet dog Bolus, thet war generally mighty questionin' 'bout strangers, set down 'nd thumped ther floo' like he war tickled ter death.
  • neon Pomacentrus coelestis, the neon damselfish, is a species of damselfish in the family Pomacentridae.
  • nod He gave a friendly nod , and departed.
  • node Then in a coaxing manner Alfred continued: Now Node , if I was you I would not go too far for the first flight; just flit about, then settle and rest.
  • nona "Now will you explain?" asked Nona impatiently, after she had caught her breath in sudden relief.
  • none None that I know of, sir.
  • noon It was then noon .
  • noonday I should as soon have suspected the noonday sun of being a dark lantern!
  • not Ney, however, was not .
  • noun The verb also expresses that an action or state is or was going on, by a form which is also used sometimes as a noun , and sometimes to qualify noun s.
  • nun Madame Louise, the one who became a nun , employed a young lady to read to her while she yet lived in the palace.
  • pond At once he heard the sound of snapping twigs at the top of a little ridge back of Paddy's pond and knew that Lightfoot had heard and understood.
  • snood It was plain, straightforward pully-hauly work, and in a very short time the transparent water astern seemed to be cut into flashing streaks by something silvery which was drawn in hand over hand, till, just as Lance was leaning over to get his fingers close to the end of the snood where the hook was tied, the water was splashed up into his face, and he sat up with a cry of disappointment, seeing only a streak of silver flashing in the sunshine, for the fish had gone.
  • Donned Nelsen had donned his own Seven, with the helmet fastened across his chest by a strap.
  • Kenned The very lamplighter, who ran on before, dotting the dusky street with specks of light, and who was dressed to spend the evening somewhere, laughed out loudly as the Spirit passed, though little kenned the lamplighter that he had any company but Christmas!
  • Kneed Maybe I should of felt sorry for him; but, knowin' the sort of sprung kneed near crook he was, I didn't.
  • Noddy The crowd of boys still shouted, and some of them carried their hostility so far as to throw sticks and stones at the little party; but as long as they kept at a respectful distance, Noddy did not deem it wise to meddle with them, though he kept one eye on them, and stood ready to punish those who ventured too near.
  • Non 131. Non usque, etc.
  • Conned Mrs. McRankine closed the book, and conned me with austerer approval.
  • Ned "It will indeed," Ned replied.
  • tenoned

4 words made from the letters KNOND

  • 3 letter words made from KNOND:

    don, nod.
  • 4 letter words made from KNOND:

    donk, kond.