What is the correct spelling for KNOWED?

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Correct spellings for KNOWED

  • awed Her name, Denver learned from the awed whispering, was-Darbor....
  • bowed He bowed , still quite overcome. I faced his back and I faced the fact that he had never stooped or bowed I said, Tiger Man you're a pussycat and a hush fell on the crowd – Winner by Bobby Bare
  • cowed Her eyes blazed down into his until their scorn cowed him.
  • knead Take a pike weighing about two pounds, clean, prepare, and broil it as directed; split it open, take all the bones and skin off, put the flesh in the mortar with the yolks, and pound the whole, and knead it with a little butter.
  • knot It was a face of rare and romantic beauty framed in soft, fluffy, dark hair, brushed high off the forehead and gathered in a Greek knot at the back of her head. But further know I not. SEC. BRO. O night and shades, How are ye joined with hell in triple knot Against the unarmed weakness of one virgin, – Comus by John Milton
  • knotted The mother passed her thin knotted hand lovingly over his tangled head and smilingly bade him "be off out o' that with Roseen."
  • need Then will, still-if there Is need .
  • nod He would never nod or smile at Her again in church.
  • node The following table shows in what years the harvest-moons are least beneficial as to the times of their rising, and in what years they are most beneficial, from the year 1790 to 1861: the column of years under the letter L are those in which the harvest-moons are least of all beneficial, because they fall about the descending node ; and those under the letter M are the most of all beneficial, because they fall about the ascending node .
  • nosed The latter I found was a straight-nosed, correct-featured little dandy, nicely dressed, curled, booted, and gloved; and Isidore was the manly English Dr. John, who attended the pupils of the school, and was none other than the gentleman whose directions to an hotel I had failed to follow on the night of my arrival in Villette.
  • note Her note has just been put into my hands; you can read it.
  • noted "That's a dandy plug of yours," he said with admiration, as his appreciative eyes noted the chestnut's points.
  • owed
  • renewed
  • unwed In the shadow of a great elm, around which there was a seat, a little group had gathered, of which the centre was the sometime toast of the town and queen of many Wells, the Lady Mary Deller, still beautiful and still unwed -as is so often the way of reigning toasts-but already past her pristine freshness, already leaning upon the support of art to maintain the endowments she had had from nature.
  • wed
  • Gnawed Joy was slack, And Wisdom gnawed his fingers, gloomy-eyed.
  • Kneed I can't write to Carrie because her folks open all her letters and they'd nag her into marrying that old knock-kneed, squint-eyed, fat-necked son-of-a-gun of an Andrew Langly, if they thought she was having anything to do with a worthless heathen cuss like me.
  • Knifed But I could get knifed here easy enough; Matteo and I-already we've had one tussle; I gave him a pretty big cut, you may depend.
  • Knocked And was it you who knocked me down?
  • Lowed The cow in her shed lowed, impatient for some human hands to unbar her door, and lead her forth to her green-clovered pasture.
  • Nodded He nodded and the Rangar grinned.
  • Noised And soon I discovered that my apprehensions were well grounded; for the questioning was noised at Khalid's door, and the fire crackled under the roof within.
  • Noway
  • Nowt "Ah'n com ter see thee, nowt else.
  • Rowed And I am sure that the boat in which he rowed was the same one you took the little woman out of.
  • Towed
  • Vowed
  • Winnowed This Morning, my Father hath received a Letter from Sir Thomas Glemham, requiring a larger Quantitie of winnowed Wheat, than, with alle his Loyaltie, he likes to send.
  • Wooed The sea, limpid and tender, wooed the shore with gentle whispers and caressings, which seemed to have no likeness to the wild rushes and blows of two months before.
  • Snowed These men in the mountains, snowed up for half-a-year, where there is no business, where there is no law, no church, nothing but half-wild men hard at work-these men, I say, sometimes forget the day, the week, even the month.
  • Ned "None at all," Ned replied.
  • mowed As fast as we fired and mowed down one swarm, fresh swarms seemed to spring from the earth and stream over the waggons.
  • showed
  • meowed He came back and sat down by the fire and meowed , and presently the cat answered him and came in from somewhere-she'd been outside the window, I suppose; he kept on meowing and she sidled up and rubbed against his hairy shin.
  • NEWER To borrow A newer weight of sorrow?
  • SWED
  • wowed
  • sowed
  • we'd
  • un-livelier
  • un-liveliest
  • un-lively
  • un-load