What is the correct spelling for KOOHH?

If you meant to spell "KOOHH", there are several possible correct suggestions. "KOOHH" could be a misspelling of "COUGH", which refers to a reflex act of expelling air from the lungs to clear the throat. Another possibility is "BOO", often used to express fright or surprise. Remember to proofread your words to avoid such misspellings.

Correct spellings for KOOHH

  • BOOTH Bob and Susie decided to take pictures together in the photo booth at the county fair.
  • HOOCH The police found a stash of hooch in the suspect's basement.
  • KOCH Charles Koch is one of the wealthiest businessmen in America.
  • KOH KOH is commonly used in the manufacturing of detergents, among other products.
  • KOHL I need to buy some kohl to enhance my eye makeup.
  • KOHN
  • KOOK I thought my neighbor was a bit of a KOOK when he told me he believed in alien abductions.
  • KOOKS "I don't listen to their music, it's just a bunch of kooks screaming into the microphone."
  • KOOKY My neighbor always wears the most kooky outfits, but I admire her unique sense of style.
  • MOOCH I hate how my cousin always tries to mooch off of me when we go out to eat.
  • OOH "OOH, that cake looks delicious!" exclaimed Mary as she entered the bakery.
  • OOHS The crowd let out loud OOHS and AAAHS as the firework display lit up the night sky.
  • POOCH My next-door neighbour walks her cute little pooch every day at 8 am.
  • POOH "Oh, bother," said Pooh, "Christopher Robin won't be happy if we're late for tea."
  • SOOTH The sound of the gentle waves crashing against the shore had a natural power to soothe her soul.
  • TOOTH I need to schedule a dental appointment to get my tooth filled.