What is the correct spelling for KOPPS?

If you're trying to write "kopps" but keep getting it wrong, here are some possible correct suggestions. Maybe you meant "cops", referring to police officers. Or perhaps you intended to write "kicks", referring to a swift movement with your foot. Similarly, "cups" could be an alternative, referring to small containers for drinking. Double-check your spelling and choose the right word for your intended meaning!

Correct spellings for KOPPS

  • APPS There are many apps available for downloading on the App Store.
  • BOPS BOPS is an acronym for the best organization for public school teachers.
  • COMPS I received three COMPS for my academic achievements.
  • coops The poultry coops are located next to the barn.
  • COPES I need to get a pair of copes.
  • Cops I called the cops on him.
  • corps My parents always tell me to behave like a good citizen and think of myself as part of the corps.
  • coups Many African countries have experienced coups and political unrest throughout their history.
  • fops People who wear fops are fools.
  • hops The aroma of hops filled the air as the beer was poured into the glass.
  • kappa I pledge allegiance to the kappa.
  • keeps He keeps a tight grip on the steering wheel.
  • KIPS I'm going to the Kips Bay Library tonight.
  • kopp
  • lops The gardener carefully trimmed the hedges to prevent any lops.
  • mops She diligently mops the floors every day to keep them clean.
  • OOPS Oops, I accidentally spilled my coffee all over the desk.
  • OPES
  • ops I'm not sure what you're asking for - Ops!
  • opus This album comprises some of the most Opus compositions to date.
  • poppas
  • POPS He heard the satisfying pops of the bubble wrap as he pressed down on it with his fingers.
  • PPS The report includes information about the company's PPS growth over the past year.
  • sops I can't believe you ate all of my sops.
  • tops She always thinks she's tops when it comes to solving problems.

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