What is the correct spelling for KORNIS?

If you've misspelled "kornis", fear not! Here are some suggestions to help you get it right. Did you mean "cornice"? This refers to the decorative molding usually found at the top of a wall. Alternatively, you might have been looking for "cornish", which relates to Cornwall, a county in England.

Correct spellings for KORNIS

  • Boris Boris loves to cook spicy food.
  • Corgis Corgis are beloved for their small size and playful personalities.
  • Cornish Cornish pasties are a traditional and popular food in Cornwall, England.
  • Corns Corns can be painful, but they are usually treatable.
  • Doris Doris was known for her exceptional dancing skills.
  • Horns The large bull had sharp horns on its head.
  • Koans Koans are paradoxical riddles from Zen Buddhism meant to provoke contemplation and enlightenment.
  • Koenig Koenig's research findings have significant implications for the field of neuroscience.
  • Kris I have a friend named Kris who loves to play guitar.
  • Kurtis Kurtis couldn't believe how quickly time had passed since he graduated from high school.
  • Loris The loris is a small arboreal primate found in the tropical forests of Asia and Africa.
  • Morns She always morns for a long time after losing a loved one.
  • Morris Morris is our neighbor's name.
  • Norris Chuck Norris is known for his martial arts skills and tough guy persona both on and off screen.
  • Orris Orris root is used to make perfumes and flavor certain foods.
  • Pornos
  • RNIS