What is the correct spelling for KOSTS?

If you meant to spell "kosts" but made a mistake, the correct term could be "costs". "Costs" refers to the amount of money or resources needed to purchase or produce something. Double-checking spellings ensures accurate communication, preventing misunderstandings in various contexts such as finance, business or personal transactions.

Correct spellings for KOSTS

  • boasts The company boasts having the largest selection of products in the industry.
  • boosts Regular exercise boosts your energy levels and enhances your overall well-being.
  • casts The director casts the perfect actors for their roles in the film.
  • coasts The ship sailed along the coasts of California, passing by stunning beaches and cliffs.
  • coats My cat loves to snuggle up in my fuzzy coats.
  • coots The noisy coots disrupted the peacefulness of the lake.
  • cost The cost of the car was $20,000.
  • costs I will have to pay costs for this.
  • cots Some of the babies were sleeping in cots.
  • foists He foists his opinions on everyone around him, even when no one asked for them.
  • ghosts I don't believe in ghosts, but some people claim to have seen them.
  • Goats The goats bleated loudly as the farmer milked them.
  • gusts The gusts of wind made it hard to stay on her feet.
  • hoists Despite the best efforts of the crew, the loading dock remained cluttered with stalled cargo hoists.
  • hosts The hosts of the party were welcoming and made their guests feel at home.
  • jests I've been told jests are just empty words that Hallmark made up.
  • joists The framing of the house is made of wooden joists.
  • JOTS How many jots do you have?
  • jousts The knights engaged in epic jousts, each vying to be declared the champion.
  • keats Keats is considered one of the most prominent Romantic poets of the 19th century.
  • kiosks The boutique had a number of kiosks for purchase.
  • kits I plan on stocking up on the kitchen's new kits.
  • ousts The company ousts its CEO due to poor performance.
  • posits She posits that the universe is infinite.
  • posts She carefully crafted her social media posts to convey her message effectively.
  • roasts I love the way my grandma roasts chicken, it's always so tender and juicy.
  • roosts The chicken farmer made sure to clean out the roosts every morning to prevent infections.
  • sorts I saw all sorts of animals at the zoo, including elephants, giraffes and lions.
  • SOTS
  • toasts Toasts are a delicious way to start any meal.

10 words made from the letters KOSTS

  • 3 letter words made from KOSTS:

    kos, sos, sot, tko, tss.
  • 4 letter words made from KOSTS:

    tkos, toks, tosk, toss.
  • 5 letter words made from KOSTS: