What is the correct spelling for KRD?

If you meant "krd" but misspelled it, several suggestions may come to mind. It could be "kid", referring to a child. Another possible alternative could be "card", indicating a piece of rectangular material often used for various purposes. Lastly, "crowd" is an option, representing a large gathering of people.

Correct spellings for KRD

  • 3RD I finished 3rd place in the race last weekend.
  • ARD
  • BRD BRD is a tool that can be used to analyze the business requirements for a project.
  • CRD
  • ERD The ERD diagram helped the team understand the database structure.
  • FRD
  • GRD
  • HRD HRD is a crucial aspect of any organization as it focuses on improving employees’ skills and knowledge.
  • IRD
  • KED
  • KID The kid was jumping on the trampoline with his friends.
  • KOD
  • KPD KPD, or Communist Party of Germany, was dissolved by the Nazi regime in 1933.
  • KR
  • KR D
  • KRW I exchanged my USD for KRW to buy souvenirs on my trip to South Korea.
  • KTD
  • KURD The Kurdish people have faced challenges in achieving sovereignty and equal rights in various countries.
  • KWD
  • LRD
  • ORD
  • PRD
  • RD The RD instructed the patient to follow a specific nutrition plan to help manage their diabetes.
  • RKD
  • SRD
  • URD I do not recommend using the word "urd" as it is considered an offensive slang term in some cultures.
  • VRD