What is the correct spelling for KUKAW?

If you've typed "Kukaw" but it's not what you intended, fear not! Here are some possible correct suggestions for your misspelling. Depending on context, it may be "Kukai", "Kukawa", "Kukab" or "Kukar". Double-check your intended word and make the necessary adjustments for a precise and accurate message.

Correct spellings for KUKAW

  • DUKW The DUKW amphibious vehicle was used extensively during World War II for beach landings and river crossings.
  • KDKA KDKA was the first commercially licensed radio station in the United States, beginning its broadcast on November 2, 1920.
  • Kulak During the Soviet Union's collectivization campaign, the government targeted wealthy peasants, known as kulaks, and forced them to give up their land and animals.
  • Kumar Kumar is an Indian name that means "young boy" or "prince."
  • KUW
  • Luka Luka, the stray dog that appeared at my doorstep, has now become a beloved member of my family.
  • Lukas Lukas is my best friend and we both love playing video games together.
  • UAW The UAW negotiated a new contract that includes higher wages and improved benefits for its members.