What is the correct spelling for KULTI?

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Correct spellings for KULTI

  • clot My faithful heart is a clot of blood, A feud thus forced cannot end in good; Oh, woe to him who is here to be slain! Oh, grief to him who his life will gain! For feats of valour no strength have I To fight the fight where my friend must die.
  • colt The river could be seen and its splashing sound heard; a wild white colt bounded along to the water's edge.
  • cult If it did not explain his friendship with the rector of St. Luke's, it explained his departure from the Primitive Methodist connexion, to which the Poveys as a family had belonged since Primitive Methodism was created in Turnhill in 1807. Daniel Povey had a way of assuming that every male was boiling over with interest in the sacred cult of Pan.
  • cut A good cut , too-yes.
  • flit She would now have found it an intolerable bore to sit with hands idle in her lap and eyes upon vacancy, watching the dim, luminous shadows flit aimlessly by.
  • gilt You could see the brick front, and the plate-glass windows, and part of the gilt sign.
  • glut There are two evils which follow from a hasty judgment formed from this consideration; the first is, that people either instigated through malice, or rashly and by mistake, swear against innocent persons from a presumption that nobody would be so wicked as to die with a lie in their mouths; the other fault consists in imagining that the prosecutor is never in the wrong, but believing that covetousness or revenge can never bring people to such a pitch as to take away the life of another to gain money, or glut their passions.
  • guilt Would it not be better that you should submit to the consequences of your guilt , and return to Phoebicius, to whom unfortunately you belong?"
  • guilty Even if they don't know any better than to believe that pa was guilty , they know we ain't done anything.
  • gullet My life is a bad one, not worth more than a year's purchase; now, suppose you have more than forty pounds about you-it may be better worth my while to draw my knife across your gullet than to wait for the quarter-day's ten pounds a time.
  • gut Near the ship they found splendid, but laborious, cod-fishing; laborious on account of sharks playing with the bait, and treating the stoutest lines as though made of single gut ; also on account of the forty-fathom depth these cod-fish lived in.
  • jilt I happened by the blessing of Providence to be by when he named her publicly jilt .
  • jolt Induced by the warmth of the day and the bundle of blanket she carried, a pox of perspiration had burst out on her face, but the little whimperings against her heart had died down so that she dared not risk the jolt of reaching for her handkerchief.
  • jut
  • kali
  • kilt
  • kilter As hard as we kin kilter !
  • kit
  • klutz
  • kuwait
  • lit
  • lute You, Lute -" But it was too late: half a dozen voices were shouting at once.
  • quality
  • quilt
  • quit
  • quoit
  • slit
  • ult We understand he left Quebec the 27th ult .
  • Kurt
  • Julia
  • Julie
  • Juliet
  • Katie
  • Julio
  • Kelli
  • kilts Their kilts of green and blue tartan were protected by khaki aprons.
  • gluts 17. He was that heavy, dull, cold thing, The spirit of evil well may be: A drone too base to have a sting; 345 Who gluts , and grimes his lazy wing, And calls lust, luxury.
  • LT
  • KL
  • KT
  • JUL
  • klutzy
  • Cutie
  • inseparabilities

24 words made from the letters KULTI

  • 3 letter words made from KULTI:

    ilk, kit, kui, lit, tiu, ult.
  • 4 letter words made from KULTI:

    kilt, kiul, kuli, kult, kuti, liku, liut, luik, luit, luki, tiku, tuki, tuli, tulk, utik.
  • 5 letter words made from KULTI:

    kitul, kulit, kulti.