What is the correct spelling for KURIS?

If you accidentally typed "kuris" instead of the word you intended, a few possible correct suggestions come to mind. Perhaps "curious" fits the context you are aiming for. Alternatively, you might have meant "Kurtis" which is a popular name. It's always handy to double-check before finalizing your writing.

Correct spellings for KURIS

  • cures The new medicine cures the disease completely.
  • curies The radiation level in the room was measured in curies.
  • Curios My grandmother's house is filled with all sorts of curios she collected on her travels.
  • gris
  • gurus The company brought in marketing gurus to help drive sales.
  • Juries Juries play a critical role in upholding justice in the legal system by hearing evidence and making impartial decisions.
  • Kris Kris is a nickname commonly used for people named Kristopher or Kristina.
  • Kurtis My best friend Kurtis is great.
  • kurus
  • URIS