What is the correct spelling for KURTLY?

If you've misspelled "kurtly", here are a few correct suggestions: curtly, courtly, curtsey, cutely, curly, curt, curtal, cutely. Double-checking your spelling will ensure effective communication and avoid confusion.

Correct spellings for KURTLY

  • courtly The courtly love between the knight and the lady was the theme of many medieval tales.
  • curly She loves her curly hair and refuses to straighten it.
  • curtly The receptionist spoke curtly to the visitor who arrived after hours.
  • curtsy As a princess, she was taught to curtsy with grace and poise.
  • hurtle The roller coaster started to hurtle down the steep track at breakneck speed.
  • justly The punishment for their crime was justly deserved.
  • Kurt Kurt was an accomplished musician before his untimely death.
  • Kurtis Kurtis was a great friend to me.
  • partly I only ate a bit of cake, but I'm going to partly eat the pie too.
  • pertly I would like to kindly ask you to stop pertly interrupting me.
  • portly The portly man struggled to squeeze into the tiny booth at the restaurant.
  • tartly I do not feel at all nicely dressed for our meeting, it's tartly cold outside.
  • turtle I found a little turtle on the beach.