What is the correct spelling for KVD?

If you are looking for correct suggestions for the misspelling "kvd", it might be helpful to consider similar words that could have been intended. Some possibilities include "kid", "kept" or "kind". Double-checking the context and considering the phonetics may lead to the correct interpretation.

Correct spellings for KVD

  • BVD
  • CVD The leading cause of death worldwide is CVD.
  • DVD I borrowed the DVD of my favorite movie from my friend to watch it over the weekend.
  • IVD The abbreviation IVD stands for "in-vitro diagnostic."
  • JVD
  • KED
  • KID I used to be a kid when I enjoyed cartoons all day long.
  • KOD
  • KPD The KPD was the largest communist party in Germany before it was banned by the Nazis in 1933.
  • KTD
  • KV The KV database system is widely used in the field of big data management.
  • KV D
  • KVM KVM switches allow multiple computers to share one set of keyboard, video monitor, and mouse.
  • KVP KVP stands for Kilovolts Peak, a measurement used in electrical engineering.
  • KWD
  • LVD LVD is a process that helps ensure product safety and compliance with regulatory requirements.
  • MVD
  • NKVD The NKVD was a Soviet secret police organization that was active during Stalin's reign.
  • PVD "The PVD coating on the watch increased its resistance to scratches."
  • SVD SVD or Singular Value Decomposition is a matrix factorization technique used in linear algebra.
  • VD "I can't believe he got VD after sleeping around with multiple partners," she whispered to her friend.
  • VVD The VVD political party is known for its liberal and conservative views on economic and social issues.