What is the correct spelling for KYILE?

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Correct spellings for KYILE

  • coil Next came a bunch of flowers, round whose stems a supple golden snake was twined, covered with rubies and diamonds and destined to coil itself round a woman's arm.
  • cole You want to see Lawyer Cole and my brother Jim at once, she went on, without heeding him, and Mamie wants a change and some proper.
  • gale The wind shifted again to the south-west, and, during the whole of that day and the Monday, blew a tremendous gale .
  • gila The paymaster's escort threw off a detachment towards the Gila this morning, and I sent one of my two men back to Ceralvo's to inquire.
  • gill Hence the law must have transmitted even to ourselves this ancestral form of the gill -breathing fish.
  • guile Quezox: Most worthy sire, when guile hath strong intrenched, Guile of a firmer mould, should countermatch, And beat the bulwarks down; 'twere easy done.
  • jail I own I should have been glad not to have gone to jail ; as who would not?
  • jailer "I do not choose to regard myself as a jailer .
  • kale This Ferguson has all the kale in the world.
  • kali On his answering in the negative, she went on- "This is the famous tomb of Anar Kali , the beloved wife of Sultan Akbar, who, on account of her beauty, was given the name of 'Pomegranate Blossom.
  • keel More light and swift than thou, none thread the sea, With surer keel , or steadier on its path; We brave each waste of ocean-mystery, And laugh to hear the howling tempest's wrath!
  • keller She really tried not to, and after some subsequent and private reassurance from Mrs. Peopping and Mrs. Keller , went for her hansom ride with a pleasant anticipation of the Park in red leaf, Mrs. Plush, in a brocade cape with ball fringe, sitting erect beside her.
  • keyhole But the lawyer met the stare of these four eyes with a quiet chuckle, which found its echo in the ill-advised mirth of those about him; and moving over to the window where they still peered in, he drew together the two heavy shutters which hitherto had stood back against the wall, and, fastening them with a bar, shut out the sight of this despair, if he could not shut out the protests which ever and anon were shouted through the keyhole .
  • kibble Kibble Blade Kibble Blade (ザンキブル, Zankiburu) is a larger version of Sir Kibble that appears in Kirbys Return to Dream Land, Kirby: Triple Deluxe, and Kirby: Planet Robobot King Doo King Doo (キングス・ドゥ, Kingusu Dū) is a large Waddle Doo that appears in Kirbys Return to Dream Land.
  • kilo This action differs according to the kind of animal; at all events, there is a great difference between the action of acids on the herb-eating animals and the carnivora; the latter bear large doses of acids well, the former ill. For instance, the rabbit, if given a dose of any acid not sufficient to produce local effects but sufficient to affect its functions, will soon become paralysed and lie in a state of stupor, as if dead; the same dose per kilo .
  • klee
  • kohl
  • kola
  • krill
  • yale
  • yalu
  • yell
  • yule
  • Jill Then Jill came flying in to hear all about it.
  • Karl And you, Karl , go down first."
  • Kyle
  • Gail "He's in Room 10, down the hall,-though I don't see why you should be told any sooner than-" But Gail had vanished; and Peace, after one long, amazed look after the fleeing form, grabbed her crutches and started in pursuit, muttering as she hobbled along, "I'm going to see what's the matter."
  • Gayle Joyner 595 Jno Jordan 100 Henry Wiggs 506 Wm Body 1375 Arthur Purcell 750 Jno Porteus 100 Wm West 690 Simon Everett 1100 Walter Waters 150 John Jordan 150 John Nevill 433 Robert Colman 1500 Wm Green 150 Mary Cobb 150 Robert Edwards 150 Anne Jones 100 Abraham Jones 600 John Jones 200 Richard Lewis 100 Henry Dullard 100 Thomas Williams 100 James Mercer 100 Poole Hall 350 Jno Howell 100 Thomas Lovett 100 George Anderson 150 Daniell Nottiboy 100 Henry Wilkinson 350 Jno Watkins 200 Thomas English 100 Thomas Page 203 Francis Davis 100 Richard Braswell 100 Robert Johnson 2450 Jno Minshea 300 Wm Pryan 200 Wm Dawes 400 Nicholas Tyner 300 Isaac Ricks 700 Robert Scott 300 Jno Roberts 950 Wm Duck 180 Robert Lawrence 400 Jno Denson 200 Robert Smelly 600 Francis Bridle 250 Roger Fearlton 237 Thomas Bullock 100 Wm. Marfry 600 Thomas Powell 100 Widdo Glyn 390 Jno Pope 250 Thomas Gayle 200 Wm Powell 200 Richard Hutchins 300 Henry Boseman 100 Henry Pope 557 John Williams 971 Henry Sanders 700 Jno Selloway 900 Jno Bardin 100 Phill Rayford 650 Phill Pearse 500 Jno Terseley 150 Geo Northworthy 1176 Robert Richards 450 Thomas Bevan 100 Wm Hunter 150 Madison Street 150 Thomas Wheatley 400 Richard Wilkinson 150 James Bragg 500 Jno Portous 300 Thomas Harris 350 Edward Harris 100 Nicholas Askew 80 Ambrose Hadley 100 Widdo Powell 480 Thomas Jones 100 Thomas Underwood 100 Robert King 300 Thomas Giles 880 Lewis Smelly 550 Wm Smelly 280 Godfrey Hunt 600 Edmund Godwin 400 Wm Williams 1000 John Wilson 1200 John Bryan 200 John Askew 100 Samuell Bridger 200 Roger Nevill 200 Coll Godwin 600 Jacob Durden 500 --- 138533
  • Julie And, Julie , you must tell your mother.
  • Kayla Roman Brady Kimberly Brady Donovan Shane Donovan Kayla Brady Johnson Steve Johnson Bo Brady (deceased) (half-sibling) Hope Williams Frankie Brady (adopted) Max Brady (adopted) Colin Murphy (presumed deceased) Fifth generation Carrie Brady Austin Reed Eric Brady Sami Brady EJ DiMera(presumed deceased) Rex Brady Cassie Brady Andrew Shawn Donovan IV Jeannie Theresa Donovan Stephanie Kay Johnson Joseph Johnson Shawn-Douglas Brady Belle Black Brady Chelsea Brady Beauregard Isaac Theo "Zack" Brady (deceased) Ciara Alice Brady Sixth generation William "Will" Horton Sonny Kiriakis ( divorced ) Johnny DiMera Allie Horton Sydney DiMera Grace Brady Claire Brady Tate Black Noah Reed Seventh Generation Arianna Horton
  • Kaye Kaye never noticed anything, and had no curiosity, and Raven had no suspicion of anything unusual.
  • Kelley "I know it," said Kelley .
  • Gil "One of these days," Victor Emmanuel said impatiently to his trusted valet, Cinzano, "I'll make an end of these demonstrations," to which the descendant of Gil Blas is reported to have replied as he looked out of window: "And if they made an end of Us?"
  • Kellie Mick is first mentioned when Shirley Carter (Linda Henry) and Tina Carter (Luisa Bradshaw-White) visit his partner Linda Carter (Kellie Bright) at Linda's mother, Elaine Peacocks (Maria Friedman) pub in Watford.
  • Kiel It will not leave the Kiel Canal.
  • KL
  • Y'all

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