What is the correct spelling for LAAUGH?

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Correct spellings for LAAUGH

  • la The Farm of La Folette.
  • lag Slow seemed the hours of darkness to lag along over the heads of the intended assassins.
  • lair "We'll hunt every Smith to his lair ," said the Captain seriously; "and your lair is where you ought to be at this minute, young woman.
  • laius But now, as one adopted to your state, To all of you Cadmeans I speak this: Whoe'er among you knoweth the murderer Of Laius , son of royal Labdacus, Let him declare the deed in full to me.
  • lao Then urging the water-buffalo to increased exertion she fled, leaving Lao Ting a prey to emotions of a very distinguished intensity.
  • larch Behind it rose a rolling slope, clothed half-way up with a copse of young larch trees, whose slender stems sent long shadows down the whole length of its side, falling across the sun-baked, waving, brown-and-yellow grasses, and the red cows, lying lower down the slope, drowsy, as all else seemed in the mellow sunlight.
  • large A large letter lay on the table in the study one morning, along with the other letters.
  • largo So, for example, they say that Bogdan, ruler of Marmaros, broke his allegiance to the King Louis of Hungary, and about 1359 descended, with a largo body of Wallachian followers, amongst whom were his sons, into the lower lands of what was already called Moldavia, and took possession of the country.
  • lash I had stopped the lash , but I could not stop my thoughts.
  • latch He opened the heavy door with a latch -key, but before I could enter it was necessary for him to go ahead and light up.
  • lath The man is marching along with a building of lath and paper, not much bigger than a bathing-machine, swung on his shoulders, while his wife trudges behind him with two or three big bundles tied up in blue cloth.
  • laud The religious revival, with which the name of Laud is associated, emphasized every Catholic element yet remaining in the Church of England.
  • laugh Richard, how can we laugh -when it has all been so horrible?
  • law Did not Moses give you the law , and yet none of you doeth the law ?
  • lay Close to where he lay stood a billy half full of cold tea.
  • lea On the top of a mountain I stand, With a crown of red gold in my hand, Wild Moors come trooping over the lea O how from their fury shall I flee, flee, flee?
  • leach A specimen of it may be found amongst the well-known and important vocabularies of Lieutenant Leach ; and this forms the subject of a memoir of no less a scholar than Lassen.
  • league The Drama League , Boston.
  • lear Now Dickie of Dryhope led that band, And the never a word o' lear had he.
  • leash The sight of the "English" children, taken into captivity, and of Saba led with a leash by Chamis attracted a throng, which as the procession proceeded to the ferry increased with each moment.
  • leigh What do you think, Miss Leigh ?
  • liar He is no liar and no coward.
  • lieu They have been compelled by the advance of the settlements to abandon them, and in lieu thereof, they have chosen the wheat-fields in Eastern Washington.
  • loath We can't help thinking about ourselves and how we are left-or how we feel- Mary hesitated and was loath to go on with that train of thought, but her friend caught her meaning and rose in silence and paced the room a moment, then returned.
  • lough As soon as its water touched him he assumed the form of a goose, and he went swimming over the surface of the Lough , and disappeared on Garrod Island.
  • lour He looks askance, and sees young eyes that lour On him, so comely once, unsightly grown: The faded roses make a scented bower, But aged man seems spurned by man alone.
  • lu When the young man had gone back, filled full of hope, to his prison, the gaolers made their report to the Governor, who had already summoned ma-ma Lu .
  • lug Loosen the lug -sail halyards, and bring them up-quick, quick!
  • luge
  • lush Drinkin' beer make my lot lush When I come to the crotch with crush – Jus' a Rascal by dizzee rascal
  • slough
  • waugh James Waugh William Lane, Jr.
  • Laura I would rather be known by some other name," answered Laura Treherne.
  • Ugh Nearly always he had a cigar in his mouth, and, ugh!
  • Pugh Pugh shrieked up the hands, and set to the fires and the ship's course.
  • Hugh "No, Hugh -it cannot be," she said.
  • Leah Leah still dined with me.
  • Lou Just now I am completing a Southern story entitled "Miss Lou ."
  • Lauri
  • AAH Uaz-kheper-Ra Ka-mes and wife Aah -hotep.
  • LAUE "Frau Laue will hide them for me, and afterwards Frau Laue can keep them," she thought.
  • luaus
  • gobbledegooks

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