What is the correct spelling for LABLING?

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Correct spellings for LABLING

  • babbling No, discrimination and judgment, distinction between reality and unreality, is an important part of the poet's work, and to say that it matters little what the poet thinks or says or concludes, that correct ideas, judgments, statements, are not to be sought from him, is to reduce him to the level of a babbling child.
  • bawling And turning, he began bawling out something in a language they did not understand.
  • gabbling They had chased off the foreign emissaries, silenced the gabbling tongues of female dupes, and dispersed the assemblages, whether fanatical, visionary, or incendiary, of all that congregated to preach against evils that affected others, not themselves; and to propose remedies to aggravate the disease which they had pretended to cure.
  • laboring I belong to the laboring classes.
  • lolling Minding the baby, lolling under the trees reading her books, gazing up into the great branches, and all the time keeping an eye on the hives scattered about in the garden,-nothing could be pleasanter.
  • lulling Besides, now she was either getting used to it, or the storm was lulling , for the blinds did not rattle as they had, and that mournful soughing of the wind in the tall chimneys had nearly ceased.
  • marbling It must be admitted, that this conjectural explanation is liable to very considerable difficulties; for, although the converse operation of taking an impression from a liquid surface has a parallel in the art of marbling paper, the possibility of transferring the ink from the copper to the fluid requires to be proved.
  • Bailing Three times grey walls of falling water enveloped them, sending frantic black hands to bailing.
  • Baling "Well, my lads," cried the captain, "we must try what baling will do, and lightening the ship by every means in our power."
  • Balling Tomorrow, when we have sunlight, we're going to start boomerang-balling the central square.
  • Cabling She was wondering, as she stepped into the hall and turned the key in her door, if she would be considered rather tumultuous in cabling Charter....
  • Dabbling In the first place, the education of a gentleman meant nothing then except a certain drill in Greek and Latin-whereas now it includes a little dabbling in other branches of knowledge.
  • Garbling They were published, but, as has been discovered of late years, with much omission and garbling, and the restoration of them to their authentic form has been effected in comparatively recent times.
  • Labeling Indeed, some of the objects attempted would seem to require labeling to fix their character and purpose.
  • Labelling The dramatic setting of the majority of the Love poems serves, as I have said, to bring out the vitality of Mr. Browning's conception of love; and though anything like labelling a poet's work brings with it a sense of anomaly, we shall only carry out the spirit of this particular group by connecting each member of it with the condition of thought or feeling it is made to illustrate.
  • Ladling Gordon and Waynefleet sat before the two big empty cases that served for table, and Mattawa was ladling pork on to their plates from a blackened frying-pan, Nasmyth sat down and ate hastily, while the light from the lamp hanging beneath the roof-beams fell upon his face, which was gaunt and roughened by the sting of bitter spray and frost.
  • Libeling Will man never cease slandering the good Deity, and libeling the beneficent Creator of all good?
  • Libelling The "martyrs," it will perhaps be remembered, were Muir, Palmer, Skirving, Gerald, and Margarot, transported at Edinburgh for libelling the Government in August, 1793, and most harshly dealt with, as everyone nowadays admits.
  • Lobbing Whereas there might be a slight margin for error in some measurements, it is absolutely essential that both sides are the same length, otherwise you might end up by lobbing back to yourself if you got very excited.
  • Tabling And as for its being confidential-Ferguson is sure to tell that-aw-French puppy he's so thick with, and the viscawnt'll be-aw-tea-tabling it about by five o'clock!
  • Warbling It is a flood of soft warbling notes, tinkling like a brook deep under the ice, tumbling over each other in a quiet ecstasy of harmony; mellow as the song of the hermit-thrush, but much softer, as if he feared lest any should hear but her to whom he sang.
  • lubing
  • un-purified
  • un-purposed

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