What is the correct spelling for LACE?

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Correct spellings for LACE

  • ace "My old friend, Captain Macnamara, writes me word that he'll receive you on board the Liffy frigate, which, by a combination of circumstances, is now lying in Cork Harbour,-fortunate for us, but which might have proved disastrous to her gallant officers and crew, for she was dismasted in a gale, and was within an ace of being driven on shore.
  • dace Down below there in the twilight of the warmest water next the bottom are perch and dace, bass and eel, and all these are likely to hunger for shiner.
  • face "Not at your face.
  • glace Inquire of me, or better, give me an opinion on the new glace silk from Paris."
  • lac It is lac sulphur, or milk of sulphur.
  • lace Besides lace-makin', Calliope had a piano an' taught in the fittin'-room-that was the same as the dinin'-room.
  • laced The next morning I came back to the inn, where I met in the court the landlady, more loosely laced than in the evening.
  • lack But she could not prevent him from feeling her lack of interest in what he was saying, and gradually they both became silent.
  • lacy Moonlight sank through the low twisted branches of the near-by oaks and fell tangled with black and lacy shade through the porch rose vine.
  • lade Then lade forth your Liquor, and set it a cooling.
  • lake When he first marched from Scott's lake, Col.
  • lame The movements are stiff and lame and cause great pain.
  • lance "The dent in the car made by the lance!
  • lane One close, two acres, bounded by Lady-wood-lane.
  • late When it is too late you will wish this day back again.
  • lave I wish," said he, "I could see the Priest; but you mustn't lave me: I couldn't bear that now."
  • laze In the midst of their brief laze an urgent order came down from General Capper, commanding the men to return to the trenches immediately, as the enemy were approaching in strong force.
  • luce Si vis me esse in luce sis benedictus, si vis me esse in tenebris sis iterum benedictus.
  • mace Thicken with two tablespoonfuls each of butter and flour, rubbed smooth in a little cold milk, season with salt and pepper, minced parsley, powdered mace, and grated onion.
  • pace Doggie advanced a pace.
  • place 3477. Are you out of a place?
  • race "See here, kid, this race means everything to the colonel-everything in the world.
  • Lice The dust of the land was changed to lice that covered man and beast, and this was followed by swarms of flies that settled upon all the land except Goshen where the Israelites lived.
  • Lacey "Mrs. Lacey passed it along to me," came Oppner's parched voice.
  • laces I saw her heart beating painfully beneath the laces on her bosom, and pain stamped on all her face.
  • LASE
  • LAUE Mrs. Laue did not like taking walks.
  • agapai
  • art parsimonious