What is the correct spelling for LADDED?

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Correct spellings for LADDED

  • added "I want you to understand," his cousin added, in a low voice, "that when I've said that I've said all.
  • Gadded Neither needs any man to be afraid of the power and successe of that party, Neither needs any man to be afraid of the power and successe of that party, they who have gadded about so much to change their way, shall ere long be ashamed; The Lord hath rejected their confidences, and they shall not prosper in them; How farre they may proceed in their Resolutions and Actings against this Kingdome, is in the hand of the most high; If the Lord shall suffer that party to invade this land, it may be the comfort and incouragement of all the inhabitints thereof, that not only hath that unlawfull engagement against the Kingdom of England been declared against, and condemned both by Kirk and State; but also that these men can pretend no quarrell against us, unlesse it be, that we have adhered unto the Solemn League and Covenant, from which they have so foully revolted and backslidden; and that we have borne testimony against Toleration, and their proceedings in reference to Religion and Government, and the taking away of the Kings life: And therefore we trust that in such a case none will be so farre deficient in their duty as not to defend themselves against such injust violence, and in the strength of the Lord to adhere unto their former principles, with much boldnes of spirit, and willingnesse of heart; In this certainly we shall have a good conscience and the Lord shall be with us.
  • ladder Below hung several swinging bars and a rope ladder.
  • laded After the Liquor had stood so about two hours, he poured or laded out of some of the Coolers very gently, that the dregs might not rise, into other Coolers.
  • Ladled They wanted to see the great heap of fish ladled out in baskets on to the quay.
  • landed As the tree went over, Leo turned around and landed on his feet directly beside the lion.
  • Larded He will potter about the farmyard the whole morning, perhaps turning up at home for a lunch of a slice of bread well larded.
  • Lauded Doctor Knipperhausen, too, visited her professionally, and gave her abundance of advice gratis, and was universally lauded for his charity.
  • leaded But his wife sat over the fire and looked at the grate Dick had laboriously black-leaded that morning, and her thoughts were busy with the past.
  • lidded Deenah's narrow-lidded eyes feasted upon the wealths and crafts of many men.
  • loaded Did you all see it loaded?
  • Lorded They were a terrible power in the land, that family, at their greatest, when they lorded it over Galloway and Annandale, and owned Touraine and Longueville in France, and used to ride out with a retinue of a thousand picked horsemen.
  • padded He had stood up to bid his guest good-bye, but, though he felt weak and a little dazed, he did not sit down again in his padded armchair near the fire.
  • un-savory
  • un-say
  • wadded "My mother's dead" yelled Jatupon with vehement hate and repugnance as he wadded up the flower in a fist and threw it onto the sidewalk.