What is the correct spelling for LADEIS?

If you have accidentally misspelled "ladeis", don't fret! The correct spelling should be "ladies". Common misspellings often include "ladys" or "ladeys", but the correct version is "ladies". Remember this simple tweak to ensure your written communication is error-free.

Correct spellings for LADEIS

  • blades The blades on the kitchen butcher's saw were sharp.
  • Glades
  • ladders The firefighters used ladders to climb up to the third floor of the burning building.
  • laddies I ain't never seen no laddies like those before.
  • lade I need your help to lade the boxes into the truck.
  • lades My dad lades the groceries into the back of the truck.
  • Ladies The Ladies' changing room is located on the left side of the gym.
  • ladles The chef served the soup in large ladles.
  • lads The lads in the pub are always having a great time.
  • larders She had a large larders filled with all sorts of food.
  • leaders Without good leaders, any organization would be ineffectual.
  • LEIS She shook her head, refusing to let him Leis her.
  • loaders The construction company had several loaders on site to help move dirt and debris.
  • lodes The miners worked tirelessly to extract the rich lodes of silver from the deep veins of the earth.

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