What is the correct spelling for LADEL?

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Correct spellings for LADEL

  • Adela Adela is my best friend from college.
  • Adele Adele is a beloved singer known for her soulful voice and emotional lyrics.
  • Del Del has invited us to his birthday party next week.
  • label I always label my food with the date that I prepared it.
  • lad The young lad enjoyed playing soccer with his friends at the park.
  • ladder My dad is afraid of heights which means he won't come near a ladder.
  • lade I will lade the truck with firewood for the winter.
  • laded The truck laded with boxes of produce drove slowly down the bumpy dirt road.
  • laden They were laden with presents for the children.
  • lades She carefully lades each ingredient into the mixing bowl, following the recipe precisely.
  • Ladies I would like to ask for the ladies' assistance.
  • ladle My grandma always said that a good ladle is essential for serving soup.
  • Ladled After preparing the meal, the cook ladled the soup into bowls.
  • ladles She ladles the soup into each bowl carefully.
  • lads Are you going to the lads' party tonight?
  • lady The lady next door always greeted us with a smile.
  • lamely He tried to dance, but moved lamely due to his twisted ankle.
  • lapel He always wore a flower on his lapel.
  • Larded I was larded with compliments from my colleagues.
  • larder I opened the larder to grab some flour and realized I needed to restock on groceries.
  • late I am concerned about arriving late to the meeting.
  • lately I haven't seen him lately.
  • later I have a meeting later in the day.
  • Lauded He was lauded by his peers for his impressive work.
  • lauder
  • laurel She held a sprig of laurel in her hand.
  • leaded The car is filled with a heavy smell of gasoline and leaded paint.
  • leaden The sky was leaden with clouds.
  • leader I'm the leader of this troop.
  • loaded Heavily loaded trucks are not safe to travel on steep hills.
  • loader A loader is a machine that helps to move a loaded truck or train.
  • lode The lode was an immense vein of silver that ran through the mountains.

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