What is the correct spelling for LADELS?

If you find yourself frequently misspelling "ladels", worry not! The correct spelling is "ladles", referring to the large serving spoons used for serving soups or stews. To avoid any confusion, remember it rhymes with cradles.

Correct spellings for LADELS

  • labels I need to get new labels for my jars.
  • ladders The firefighters used ladders to rescue the trapped people from the burning building.
  • lades She lades her backpack full of school supplies.
  • Ladies I would like to buy a ladies drink.
  • ladle She used the ladle to scoop the soup into her bowl.
  • ladles She ladles soup into each bowl with a steady, practiced hand.
  • lads The lads are planning to go out for a few drinks tonight.
  • lapels She wore a pink blouse with matching lapels.
  • larders The dresser in the room held a variety of drawers, all of which were filled with larders.
  • lately Lately, I have been feeling quite tired due to my heavy workload.
  • laurels She spent years earning her laurels but never became complacent and continued to work hard.
  • leaders The national leaders gathered together to discuss solutions to the pressing issues of the country.
  • levels I need to check the levels of oil in my car.
  • libels It is illegal to publish libels, as it can cause harm to someone's reputation.
  • loaders The construction site had multiple types of heavy machinery, including excavators, bulldozers, and loaders.
  • lodes The lodes of silver were found near the mine.
  • models Many people believe that the beauty standards put forth by mainstream models are unrealistic and harmful.
  • yodels During the Swiss festival, people love to yodels while wearing traditional costumes.

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