What is the correct spelling for LADIE?

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Correct spellings for LADIE

  • aide The political aide accompanied the senator to the press conference.
  • blade He used the sharp blade to cut through the thick rope.
  • die I don't want to die, but I am worried about my health.
  • glade The sunlight shone through the cherry blossom tree and created a beautiful glade in the forest.
  • lad The young lad ran quickly to get his ball.
  • ladder I used a ladder to hang the picture frame on the wall.
  • laddie The old man greeted the young boy by saying, "Hello there, laddie!"
  • laddies The laddies were excited to go on their first fishing trip with their dads.
  • lade I will lade my truck with supplies before heading to the construction site.
  • laded I loaded up my cart with groceries, and then I laded it all into my car.
  • laden My backpack was laden with supplies.
  • lades The package was too heavy for her, so she asked for someone to help lade it onto the truck.
  • Ladies Ladies and gentlemen, the show is about to begin.
  • ladle The chef used a ladle to spoon the soup into the bowls.
  • lady I wish to present my lady friend to you.
  • laid She laid herself down on the grass.
  • lard I used to fry my eggs in lard.
  • larder A larder is a pantry where food is stored.
  • late She always arrives late to meetings.
  • latte I like to drink my latte with a little bit of honey.
  • laud The teacher would laud the student who performed exceptionally well in the test.
  • lauder
  • lead The metal is lead and it's a soft metal.
  • leader She is a great leader.
  • lid The lid of the pot was hard to open.
  • Lidia My grandmother's name is Lidia.
  • lido The hotel's swimming pool has been designed in the style of a Mediterranean lido.
  • lie I cannot lie, I ate the last piece of cake.
  • lied She lied to her parents about going to the concert with friends instead of studying for her exams.
  • lite This version of the software is a lite version, meaning it has fewer features than the full version.
  • load I need to load my guns for the safari.
  • loader The loader picked up the pile of dirt and moved it to another location.
  • lode The lode was a rich vein of silver.
  • lydia I always think of my grandmother when I hear the name Lydia.
  • oldie My grandfather enjoys listening to oldie music from the 1950s and 1960s.
  • Sadie Sadie has always been my favorite name for a girl.

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