What is the correct spelling for LADOR?

If you've mistakenly typed "lador", the correct suggestions could be "labor", "ladder" or "larder". "Labor" refers to work or effort, "ladder" is a device for climbing and "larder" is a storage area for food. Paying attention to spellcheck recommendations can help avoid such errors.

Correct spellings for LADOR

  • adar I cannot believe that I slept through Adar.
  • ado Tom needs to tidy up his apartment; it's looking quite a bit ado.
  • ardor He pursued his career with such ardor that he quickly rose to the top.
  • dado John ordered a pizza with a dado.
  • labor The protest was sparked by the McDonald's strike, which has labor organizers rallying behind the fast-food giant.
  • labour Undervalued labour is a major contributor to global poverty.
  • lad She wasn't very interested in his advances; she was more interested in the lad across the room.
  • ladder I am going to ascend the ladder to the roof.
  • lade I plugged in the charger and immediately began to feel the effects of the lade.
  • laded He laded the truck with bags of flour for the upcoming bake sale.
  • laden I'm feeling pretty laden with all this extra work.
  • lades She lades her arms with groceries before heading towards the door.
  • ladle I used my ladle to scoop the soup onto my plate.
  • ladoga According to legend, the Ladoga River flows from Heaven to Earth.
  • lads The lads were up late playing video games.
  • lady The lady walked gracefully down the aisle in her elegant gown.
  • lair She hides her lair under the bed.
  • lander The lunar lander touched down softly on the surface of the moon.
  • lao I like Lao food.
  • laos The people of Laos remain some of the most isolated in the world.
  • larder The larder is stocked with food that will last for weeks.
  • later I will finish my work now and take a break later.
  • lauder
  • leader The leader of the team is responsible for making important decisions.
  • lido I am planning to visit the lido at the beach this weekend.
  • loader I need a loader for my new printer.
  • ludo I'm not into playing ludo.
  • odor One of the dog's owners had to put her in a crate until the odor subsided.

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