What is the correct spelling for LAFLET?

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Correct spellings for LAFLET

  • afloat It was wonderful, however, that she should still be afloat.
  • baffled The new attitude toward the beggar baffled us.
  • failed 1307. How long was that before he failed?
  • fault It was not Madge's fault.
  • felt He felt more himself.
  • filet "I wanted you here to show me that filet stitch," answered Rosa, slight impertinence peeping out in her tone.
  • fillet Oh that I could stand as a herald of peace, with my wool-twisted fillet!
  • flat Flat as I lay, I saw the German embankments not fifty yards away.
  • fleet Then I want to see the American fleet, if I can.
  • flit He could not keep the past ever in the background; before him would flit, despite his efforts to escape it, the figure of his lost love, to whom he had looked forward once as his solace in his blindness.
  • labeled Because, except for this expanding trouble, everything inside him, all the main component parts that made up the vast and still solid thinking organism which had been labeled for external observers by the name of William Dale, remained quite unchanged.
  • lafitte I had the pleasure of interviewing him once, at his office in the Rue Lafitte."
  • leafed He closed the book, loose-leafed from frequent perusals.
  • leafless It made no difference whether the Abbey towers and the North Ride chimneys were visible or invisible; no screen of trees, whether leafless as now or carrying the full weight of foliage, could really screen them from him; they were inside him, together with all that they had once signified, a part of himself.
  • leaflet A small leaflet, describing the products that are offered for sale and the intention of the operator to give the customer service, can be put in each package at very small cost with good results.
  • left I left him because I was in debt, and could not get supplies.
  • lift Someone want a lift?
  • lifted He lifted his eyes and looked into hers.
  • lifter He rode a coal-black mare, and Courtenay called him "Chikki"-a "lifter."
  • lilt Away back in the early months of the war he went into action to the lilt of "Tipperary."
  • loft He went into the barn and climbed into the huge, airy loft.
  • rifled The best cannon ever rifled will sometimes deflect.
  • wavelet It was the edge of another wavelet.
  • Fled I put my hands over my ears and fled back to my room.
  • Ladled "As it is lifted, a big dipper is put in, and the fish are ladled into the boat.
  • Laved In the swift, sudden transitions which test his strength and faith, the whisper of the embodied Tempter follows the voice of the Father, and the burning sands of the wilderness scorch the feet erstwhile laved in the cool waters of the holy river.
  • Leveled Many boys and men in these crowds carried rifles and pistols which they leveled at the I.W.W. prisoners as the train passed.
  • Loafed Then drew a little and loafed a good deal on the Bundar watching the lateen-rigged boats.
  • Lolled In the front of another, lolled Lord Ranelagh, arbiter of London fashion and accepted authority on all matters of taste-whether in dress, dancers, or duels.
  • Luffed "And so you see, Guinea," he concluded, "in or der to keep a weather-helm in company, you are never to throw all aback, and go stern foremost out of a dispute, as you have this day seen fit to do According to my l'arning, that Master Nightingale is better in a bar-room than in a squall; and if you had just luffed-up on his quarter, when you saw me laying myself athwart his hawse in the argument, you see we should have given him a regular jam in the discourse, and then the fellow would have been shamed in the eyes of all the by-standers.
  • Lulled The motion of the train had lulled her into a short nap, and it seemed as if quite suddenly she was wide awake, and pinching herself to make sure that it was not all a dream.
  • Raffled Great was the excitement every evening when I raffled old tins and bottles.
  • Lofted
  • leaflets
  • FLT
  • leafiest All the world knows Brackenhurst, of course, the greenest and leafiest of our southern suburbs.
  • leafleted
  • flailed
  • waffled
  • over-indulgent

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