What is the correct spelling for LAGNAPPS?

If you find yourself stumbling upon the misspelling "lagnapps", fret not! The correct term you might be searching for is "gnapps", referring to small, bite-sized snacks typically consumed with drinks. So whether it's nuts, pretzels or cheese cubes, let "gnapps" be your go-to term for those delectable treats!

Correct spellings for LAGNAPPS

  • lagniappe The store owner gave a lagniappe to each customer who made a purchase over $50.
  • lagniappes During Mardi Gras season in New Orleans, many shops offer lagniappes or small gifts to customers.
  • lagniapps In Louisiana, it's not uncommon for a store owner to throw in some lagniapps with a purchase as a way of showing appreciation for the customer.