What is the correct spelling for LAOB?

If you meant "laob" as in the Chinese term "lao bai xing" which refers to the common people, a correct suggestion would be to use the correct Pinyin spelling. However, if "laob" is a genuine typo, a possible correction could be "load" or "lobe". Remember to proofread and edit carefully to ensure accuracy in your writing.

Correct spellings for LAOB

  • lab The scientist worked in the lab for ten hours straight.
  • labo
  • lamb I had a delicious grilled lamb chop for dinner last night.
  • lao Lao cuisine is known for its spicy and tangy flavors, and its use of fresh herbs and vegetables.
  • laos Laos is known for its stunning landscapes, including the Mekong River and lush green forests.
  • lob He threw the ball in a high lob towards the basketball hoop.