What is the correct spelling for LAOBBIER?

If you are referring to "Laobbier" as a misspelled word, it's possible that you meant "Lobbyist" instead. A lobbyist is someone who advocates for a specific cause or group, usually by influencing government officials. Alternately, you could have meant "Laborer", which refers to a worker who performs manual or physical tasks.

Correct spellings for LAOBBIER

  • Flabbier After quitting regular exercise, my muscles became flabbier and weaker.
  • Gabbier My little sister is getting gabbier every day, she won't stop talking.
  • Knobbier The new tires are much knobbier and provide better traction on off-road terrain.
  • Lobber
  • Lobbied The interest groups lobbied the senators to vote against the proposed bill.
  • Lobbies The lobbies of the grand hotel were adorned with crystal chandeliers and plush velvet seating areas.
  • Snobbier I never want to be like the snobbier side of my family.