What is the correct spelling for LARHE?

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Correct spellings for LARHE

  • lace She wore a beautiful black dress with delicate lace detailing.
  • lade I will lade the truck with all the equipment needed for the music festival.
  • lake The lake was stunningly clear, reflecting the vibrant hues of the trees that surrounded it.
  • lame I'm not very good at sports, I'm quite lame at them.
  • lane My car is in the garage, but I need to go down the lane to get to the main road.
  • Lara Lara went to the store to buy groceries for the week.
  • larch The forest is lush with larch trees.
  • lard In the piggy bank, I saved up all my pennies so that I could buy some lard.
  • larder I stocked up my larder with canned foods and dry goods for the winter.
  • Lardy I'mma lardy ball out tonight.
  • large The large elephant walked slowly through the grasslands.
  • larger I need a larger size shirt than the one I am wearing.
  • largo I love the sound of the cello in a largo movement.
  • lark The lark was up singing its cheerful song.
  • Larry I met Larry at a party.
  • Lars My friend Lars recommended this movie.
  • larva The larva hatched from the egg and began its transformation into a butterfly.
  • Larvae The larvae of a butterfly have six legs.
  • LASE The surgeon used a powerful laser to lase the tumor in the patient's brain.
  • lash After we had finished washing each other, we went inside to apply lash to each other's backs.
  • late I don't like staying up late because it makes me tired in the morning.
  • lath David inserted a wooden lath between the studs in the wall.
  • lathe I need a lathe to bore a hole in this piece of wood.
  • lather The barber shop smells of lather.
  • latte I ordered a latte and it was really good.
  • LAUE
  • Laurie My best friend Laurie is going to be visiting from out of town.
  • lave I am going to lave my face with cold water.
  • laze I like to laze around on weekends and read my favorite books.
  • lethe After his car accident, he felt as though he had fallen into the River Lethe and forgotten all that had happened before.
  • Lire In France, the euro replaced the franc and the lire as the official currency.
  • lithe She was a lithe young woman with long, curly hair.
  • loathe I loathe chocolate.
  • lore The ancient lore of the indigenous people fascinated the anthropologist.
  • Lorie Lorie is a sweetheart.
  • lorre I found a lorre of money on the ground.
  • lure She was wearing a lure dress to try and attract some men.
  • lyre She played the lyre with such skill that even the gods were moved to jealousy.

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